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Meet & Make at the Museum - Polar light phenomena: Glitter stencilling

Join us for our museum wellbeing and making workshops for adults at the Polar Museum! This session we will be using and creating stencils to create blended glitter art. We will be discussing polar light phenomena.

ONLINE COURSE Three wild flowers of the month: Identification and folklore – December

Fri 1 December 2023


Travelling through the seasons we will explore the history, folklore and culture of three wild plants in bloom (or at least in foliage!) that month. The session will encourage you to search out plants in all seasons and enjoy the history in folklore and culture, and their use for medicines, cooking as well as the many and varied traditional names which help us trace that history. Each month the lecturer will choose plants which you can find on your rambles at the time of the talk, from the earliest primrose through Lenten lily, Easter violets, hawthorn, orchids, cowslips, into the summer with ox-eyes, cow parsley, poppies, hedge nettles, campion, corncockles, cornflowers, harebells, dog roses, and round to the autumn harvest of berries and hips (recipes included!), and the shortening days when the Toadflax and Teasel come into their own with the wild hops and spindle fruits. Join us through the year or dip in and out as we explore our hedgerows, meadows, ditches and gardens.

Cost: £25

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Fri 1 December 2023 10:00AM - 4:00PM


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