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Hidden Cambridge

A Walking Tour of "Hidden" Cambridge

Tue 30 April - Thu 30 May

Great St Mary's Church

A Walking Tour of “Hidden” Cambridge

Whether you’ve been here before or this is your first visit, we’re quietly confident you’ll discover much more than you were expecting! This is a small group tour (up to a maximum of 12 people) led by a Cambridge Green Badge Guide.

Here’s just a little taster of what you’ll discover:
The full story behind the creature on that gold clock thing, the student prank that hit the front pages, and secrets of various colleges- one college, with unusually strong links to a particular county, had one master who came up with a rather unique way to mark a student’s journey, but what was it?

This is suitable for all ages, is wheelchair friendly, and will be at a leisurely pace.

Contact details (to book your place)
Phone/Text/WhatsApp 07733-424792

Cost: Adults £20. 8-17-year olds £10 Under 8s free

Enquiries and booking

Please note that booking is required for this event.

Enquiries: Murray Jacobs Website Email: info@hiddencambridge.co.uk Telephone: 07733424792


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