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Meet & Make at the Museum - Polar light phenomena: Glitter stencilling

Join us for our museum wellbeing and making workshops for adults at the Polar Museum! This session we will be using and creating stencils to create blended glitter art. We will be discussing polar light phenomena.

CLASSROOM COURSE Native trees in winter

Thu 23 November 2023

Botanic Garden

November is an irresistible time to turn our attention to our native trees. At this time our broad-leaved trees have just lost their blaze of colour and the conifers stand out in majestic contrast. But by late November we can no longer rely solely on the foliage and fruits, we must now look to twig formation and winter buds to help us identify these important members of our natural heritage.

Depending on weather conditions, much of the day will be spent in the classroom, sorting through specimens and getting to grips with the terminology of the features of the bare stems, the winter buds and (in the case of our few conifers) needle arrangement and cones/berries. We shall also practise working with different keys to identification. Simplified keys will be introduced. Regardless of the weather, we shall also spend plenty of time exploring the Garden for our native trees in order to put into practice what we have learned.

Cost: £70

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Thu 23 November 2023 10:00AM - 4:00PM


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