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Crazy Cone Caper Self-Led Trail

Have you got what it takes to solve the Crazy Cone Caper? Turn detective and join in with the fun family trail across our 40 acres of outdoor space.

Wellness Wanders

Wed 10 March 2021

Botanic Garden

Join us for a virtual walk and enjoy the latest seasonal sights in the Garden.

If you’re unable to come to the Garden, we’ll aim to bring it to you with our ‘Wellness Wanders’.

In this challenging time, we’re more aware than ever of the power and importance of nature – the sights, smells and sounds as the Garden moves through the seasons.

We would like the Botanic Garden to be an uplifting resource for those who cannot get to the Garden, so we’re recording these walkabouts for everyone to enjoy the seasonal colours, sights and sounds.

Below is a short video (around 10 minutes) of our latest wander, as well as a library of previous ones.

We’d love to hear from you, so please do share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels.

We hope you enjoy these short films and that they bring you some uplift and respite, thank you for watching.

The most recent video can be found out on our website, to see previous weeks’ videos, please look at our YouTube channel.


Cost: Free

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Live Stream

9:00am every 14 days starting Wednesday 10 March

All times

Wed 10 March 2021 9:00AM
Wed 24 March 2021 9:00AM
Wed 7 April 2021 9:00AM
Wed 21 April 2021 9:00AM
Wed 5 May 2021 9:00AM
Wed 19 May 2021 9:00AM
Wed 2 June 2021 9:00AM
Wed 16 June 2021 9:00AM
Wed 30 June 2021 9:00AM
Wed 14 July 2021 9:00AM
Wed 28 July 2021 9:00AM
Wed 11 August 2021 9:00AM
Wed 25 August 2021 9:00AM
Wed 8 September 2021 9:00AM
Wed 22 September 2021 9:00AM
Wed 6 October 2021 9:00AM
Wed 20 October 2021 9:00AM
Wed 3 November 2021 9:00AM
Wed 17 November 2021 9:00AM
Wed 1 December 2021 9:00AM
Wed 15 December 2021 9:00AM
Wed 29 December 2021 9:00AM
Wed 12 January 9:00AM
Wed 26 January 9:00AM
Wed 9 February 9:00AM
Wed 23 February 9:00AM
Wed 9 March 9:00AM
Wed 23 March 9:00AM
Wed 6 April 9:00AM
Wed 20 April 9:00AM
Wed 4 May 9:00AM
Wed 18 May 9:00AM
Wed 1 June 9:00AM
Wed 15 June 9:00AM
Wed 29 June 9:00AM
Wed 13 July 9:00AM
Wed 27 July 9:00AM
Wed 10 August 9:00AM
Wed 24 August 9:00AM
Wed 7 September 9:00AM
Wed 21 September 9:00AM
Wed 5 October 9:00AM
Wed 19 October 9:00AM
Wed 2 November 9:00AM
Wed 16 November 9:00AM
Wed 30 November 9:00AM
Wed 14 December 9:00AM
Wed 28 December 9:00AM
Wed 11 January 2023 9:00AM
Wed 25 January 2023 9:00AM
Wed 8 February 2023 9:00AM
Wed 22 February 2023 9:00AM
Wed 8 March 2023 9:00AM


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