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Katharine Cashman FRS and Emma Stibbon RA at Spike Island, Bristol in 2018.

Creative Connections: Portraits of Women Scientists and Artists

An exhibition of photographic portraits of female scientists and artists.

Exhibition: Permeable Spaces

Thu 8 August - Fri 13 September

Alison Richard Building

Alexandra Baraitser, Amanda Lwin, Clio Lloyd-Jacob, Louise Butler Adams, Melissa Pierce Murray, Tooney Phillips, Stephanie Kingston, Andrew James

Works in this exhibition reflect on or highlight through contrast, spaces where multiple stimuli vie for attention or coexist in precarious balance. To what extent do we internalise objects and walls as boundaries? How do they structure the narratives of our thought? How does the prevalence of reflective, glass and metal surfaces in contemporary environments affect our perception of space and of ourselves? What, in our surroundings, reflects our influence, and how do we cope when there seems to be nothing?

The viewer is encouraged to imaginatively inhabit these artworks, constructing their own narratives and responses. We are relating this artwork to a broader context, with a live art performance, and a cross-disciplinary discussion on various aspects of how societies create and use boundaries.

Exhibition Closing Event, Thursday 12 September 2019
6.00pm: Coop (Andrew James & Clio Lloyd-Jacob) perform ‘UpSet’
6.30pm – 7.30pm: Drinks, Discussion and Q&A
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