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The Betty Behrens Seminar on Classics of Historiography

Karen O’Brien (Durham University) will speak about "The History of England from the Accession of James I to that of the Brunswick Line" by Catherine Macaulay and engage in discussion with the attendees.

Bradford Hill Seminar – Learning About Long COVID from Patients: The Power of Narrative Evidence

Wed 7 December 2022


Designing efficient clinical trials during a pandemic

Dr Rachel Grob, University of Wisconsin

Patients have been at the forefront of identifying and addressing Long COVID since it was first reported in the spring of 2020. Today, their experiences and expertise remain a crucial resource for clinicians, public health workers, and others mounting a response to this widespread chronic manifestation of the global pandemic for which their remain few effective clinical interventions. In this seminar, Dr Rachel Grob will summarize the global impact of Long COVID; explore themes emerging from qualitative health experiences research in the USA; share a montage of interview clips from similar research in 8 countries around the world; and discuss the promise and pitfalls associated with narrative evidence.

About Dr Grob
Dr Rachel Grob directs the Qualitative and Health Experiences Research Lab at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and Center for Patient Partnerships. Her work focuses on improving health by listening to people’s experiences with health and health care, synthesizing their narratives, and then using this powerful learning as a source for making concrete changes that benefit consumers, families and communities. She is a public spokesperson for the value of qualitative methods. She is chair of the for the global health experiences organization DIPEx International; chair emeritus and steering committee member for the US-based Health Experiences Research Network; and author of over 40 peer reviewed articles and a book.

About the Bradford Hill seminars
The Bradford Hill seminar series is the principal series of The Cambridge Population Health Sciences Partnership. This comprises the Department of Public Health & Primary Care, MRC Biostatistics Unit and MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, bringing together a multi-disciplinary partnership of academics and public health professionals. The Bradford Hill seminar programme of internationally recognised speakers covers topics of broad interest to our public health research community. It aims to transcend as well as connect the activities of our individual partners.

All are welcome at our Bradford Hill seminars.

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