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Life is Still Life

Life is Still Life presents an exciting selection of modern and contemporary works by women artists in the genre of still life.

'Monster Munch' is a painting by Lottie Stoddart showing layered plant-like shapes in green and pink tones.

Lifting the lid: an exhibition by Lottie Stoddart

Mon 23 January - Fri 10 March

Alison Richard Building

These works depict enclosed realms; illusionistic, contained spaces where a residual story, memory, atmosphere plays out under its own internal laws. The use and depiction of humble materials in a reduced economy of form, play with registers of familiarity and ubiquity. The rendering and use of varied materials in their collaged, shallow spaces hint at the unconscious and weird; from monstrous and mutating to celebratory and sensual, in a language that is playfully remembered, imagined, warped, and reduced.

Lottie received the APT & Fenton Trust Mentoring Award in 2021 and was selected for the Exeter Contemporary Open in 2022. She studied on the Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School (2015-16) and on the Turps Painting Programme (2019-2021). Lottie was born in Cambridge and is based in London.

Exhibition reception Saturday 28 January from 14:00 - 16:30, all welcome!

Cost: free

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