Amendments to Statutes and Ordinances, 2019-20

The following amendments to Statutes and Ordinances have been published in the Reporter during Michaelmas Term 2019

Amendments to Ordinances to take effect during 2019-20

Page no.with effect from SubjectReporter
page no.
Chapter I, 12725.10.19Societies Syndicate and Technical Committee52
Chapter I, 13904.10.19University Combination Room14
Chapter II, 16415.11.19Matriculation: Regulation 1108
Chapter IV, 43004.12.19Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos141
Chapter VII, 53316.10.19Economics, M.Phil. Degree: Correction41
Chapter VII, 56527.11.19Applied Criminology and Police Management, M.St. Degree reinstated134
Chapter VII01.09.20Writing for Performance, M.St. Degree approved142
Chapter VII, 60301.01.20Diplomas and Certificates open to non-members of the University: Schedule142
Chapter IX, 61501.10.19Constitution of the Faculty Boards155
Chapter IX, 61701.10.19Classes of Faculty Board Membership, Elections, and Periods of Office155
Chapter IX, 61801.10.19Election of student members of Faculty Boards and other bodies (replaced by Election of student subject representatives)155
Chapter IX, 61901.10.19The composition of the Faculty Boards155
Chapter IX, 62201.10.19Rules made by the General Board in accordance with Regulation 11 for the election of student members of Faculty Boards and other bodies: rescinded155
Chapter IX, 62301.10.19Procedure for the allocation to electoral rolls of candidates for the Natural Sciences Tripos and the Medical Sciences Tripos and the Veterinary Sciences Tripos: rescinded155
Chapter IX, 63611.12.19Abolition of the office of Director of PET Scientific Services170
Chapter IX, 65802.10.19Committee of Management of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology24
Chapter XI, 70201.04.19Stipends of the holders of clinical academic offices and payment for clinical responsibility20
Chapter XII, 77918.10.19Endowed University Lectureships: Modern Greek Fund and Lewis Gibson-Lectureship37
Chapter XII, 78318.10.19AT&T Cambridge Laboratories Prize in Communications Engineering37
Chapter XII, 84118.10.19El-Erian Fund for Economics and Policy37
Chapter XII, 88518.10.19Jebb Fund and Studentships37
Chapter XII, 89918.10.19Charles Lamb Prize37
Chapter XII, 93004.10.19Munby Fund and Fellowship14
Chapter XII06.12.19Sigrid Rausing Fund for the Anthropology of Inner Asia established134
Chapter XII18.10.19Jessica Sainsbury Anthropology of Amazonia Fund established36
Chapter XII18.10.19SF Express Fund established36

Amendments to take effect from next or subsequent academical year

Chapter IV, 31101.10.20Economics Tripos, Part I: Supplementary Regulations103
Chapter VII, 52401.10.20Applied Biological Anthropology, M.Phil. Degree rescinded170
Chapter VII, 53101.10.20Developmental Biology, M.Phil. Degree142
Chapter VII, 55001.10.20Public Policy, M.Phil. Degree170
Chapter XI01.10.20Caroline Humphrey Professorship of the Anthropology of Inner Asia established134
Chapter XI01.09.21Professorship of Management Studies established134