Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
pp. 47–48

Chapter XLIV


1. The investments from time to time representing the endowment created in 1955 by the will of Mrs Cecilia Nicholson, widow of Professor R. A. Nicholson, sometime Sir Thomas Adams’s Professor of Arabic, shall constitute a trust fund called the R. A. Nicholson Fund.

2. The first charge on the income of the Fund shall be the provision of a prize or prizes for distinction in the study of Arabic and Persian, or of one of those languages, to be called the R. A. Nicholson Prize or Prizes.

3. The University may from time to time make regulations for the Fund and the Prize or Prizes. Such regulations may provide for income not expended on the Prizes to be used for the support of study or research in the University in the field of Arabic or Persian or both those languages.