Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute E
p. 47

Chapter XLIII


1. The investments from time to time representing the endowment for the foundation and support of scholarships in Law created by the will of Miss Rebecca Flower Squire, who died on 26 November 1898, shall constitute a trust fund called the Rebecca Flower Squire Fund, the income of which shall be used to provide scholarships in Law in accordance with Section 2 of this Statute and to make grants to persons engaged in the study of Law in accordance with Section 3 of this Statute.

2. The University may from time to time make regulations governing the application of the fund provided that

  1. (a)no person shall be elected into a scholarship unless
  2. (i)he or she is a British citizen or a citizen of a country of the Commonwealth,
  3. (ii)he or she has declared in writing the sincere intention of qualifying as a barrister or a solicitor or as a teacher of law, and of practising or teaching law accordingly;
  4. (b)in making an election preference shall be given to the Founder’s kin and to candidates born within the parish of St Mary Newington, London, in accordance with clause 6 of the Scheme of Management and Regulation of the Squire Scholarships in Law set out in the Schedule to the Declaration of Trust dated the eighth day of August nineteen hundred and two by which the endowment was created;
  5. (c)the tenure of a scholarship shall be subject to the scholar becoming or continuing to be a resident member of the University.

3. The income of the fund may also be used to make grants on grounds of financial hardship to any resident member of the University engaged in the study of law who is qualified in accordance with Section 2(a) above.