Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
pp. 110–111

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Amended by Grace 1 of 27 November 2013

1. On the first weekday in October the Registrary shall publish a list of the names which it is proposed to place on the Roll of the Regent House for the ensuing year. At the time of publication of the list the Vice-Chancellor shall fix a time and place for publicly hearing objections which any member of the University may make to the inclusion or omission of any name. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor regarding any such objection shall be final.

2. No person shall qualify for membership of the Regent House by virtue of holding a Fellowship of a College unless he or she is ordinarily resident within twenty miles of the University Church.

3. The Roll of the Regent House shall be promulgated on the fifth weekday in November.

Membership under Statute A III 10(e)

The categories of membership of the Regent House under Statute A III 10(e) shall be:

  1. (i)holders of the appointments of Senior Research Associate, Research Associate, Lecturer (unestablished), and Assistant Lecturer (unestablished);
  2. (ii)in any College: persons holding the office of Tutor, Assistant Tutor, Steward or Bursar or Assistant Bursar; or College Lecturer (if held full time in a College or Colleges). The Head of any College shall certify in writing to the Registrary by 1 October each year the names of such persons;
  3. (iii)Computer Associates, Grades I, II, and III;
  4. (iv)Affiliated Lecturers;
  5. (v)holders of appointments on the staff of the Local Examination Syndicate as Group Chief Executive, Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Director, Assistant Director, and Senior Manager;

provided that no person shall qualify for membership in categories (i), (iii), or (iv) unless he or she is also a member of a Faculty, or holds an appointment listed in those categories in a Department or other University institution which is independent of a Faculty.