Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute B

Chapter II


1. There shall be three terms in the year, called respectively the Michaelmas Term, the Lent Term, and the Easter Term. The University shall determine the days on which each term shall begin and end, provided that the three terms shall together include two hundred and twenty-seven days at least.

2. The University libraries, laboratories, and museums shall be closed, and lectures shall not be given, on Good Friday.

3. The University shall determine from time to time by Ordinance what portion of each term, being not less than three-fourths, shall constitute full term.

4. A person who is required by Statute to keep certain terms by Residence shall be deemed to have kept a term by residence if he or she has resided within the University Precincts during such part (being not less than three-fourths) of that term, and in such manner, as the University may prescribe by Ordinance. The University may prescribe by Ordinance areas in and about Cambridge (not necessarily within the University Precincts) within which terms of residence may be kept by specified classes of person, and the University may delegate the power to determine that terms of residence may be kept in exceptional cases elsewhere than within the University Precincts or the prescribed areas.