Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute B

Chapter I


1. No one shall be matriculated as a member of the University unless he or she

  1. either(i)is presented by a College,
  2. or(ii)has been admitted to a University office,
  3. or(iii)holds a post in the University Press specially designated under Statute J, 7,
  4. or(iv)is employed by the University or by a College and holds an appointment approved by the University for the purpose of Statute A, III, 7(e),

and in addition is qualified in one of the following ways, namely,

  1. (a)by having satisfied examination requirements prescribed by or under Ordinance; provided that the University may enact Ordinances under which a particular person or a particular class of persons may be granted exemption from the whole or part of such requirements;
  2. (b)by having been approved as a Graduate Student;
  3. (c)by having been approved as an Affiliated Student;
  4. (d)by having been proposed by the Council for admission to a degree either by incorporation or otherwise;
  5. (e)by having been approved by the Council or by belonging to a class of persons approved by the Council as qualified for matriculation.

2. The University may determine by Ordinance the manner of matriculation.

3. (Repealed by Grace 11 of 9 December 1987 and by Order in Council dated 25 May 1988.)

4. The University may by Ordinance prescribe conditions under which a person may be approved as a Graduate Student.

5. The University may make Ordinances

  1. (i)providing for the approval as Affiliated Students, either on or after matriculation in the University, of persons or classes of persons who have continued members of one or more institutions for the education of adult students for such length of time (being not less than two years) and have attained by examination such qualifications as the Council may require;
  2. (ii)defining the privileges which may be granted to an Affiliated Student (including exemption from requirements imposed otherwise than by Statute upon other students, and such allowance towards the statutory number of terms of residence as is permitted by Statute) and the conditions under which all or any of such privileges of affiliation may be granted;
  3. (iii)providing for the approval as Affiliated Students of persons who have attended during any period courses of education conducted by a committee in concert with the University or with some other institution engaged in the education of adult students, as if during that period they had been members of such an institution and had attained by examination such qualifications as the Council may require under subsection (i) of this section.

6. All or any of the privileges of Affiliation (that is to say, the privileges which under this Statute and under Ordinances made in accordance with it may be granted to Affiliated Students) may be granted by Grace to any particular applicant who is a member or former member of an institution engaged in the education of adult students, although the requirements of section 5 of this Statute have not been fulfilled.

7. If any matriculated person wishes to resign his or her membership of the University and so informs the Registrary, and if the Council deems the reasons given sufficient and decides to allow such resignation, that person's name shall be removed from the list of members of the University at the next publication of the list, and any name so removed shall be reinstated only in accordance with a subsequent decision of the Council which shall not be taken until a period of five years has elapsed from the date of removal. The name of any matriculated person which under this section is removed from the list of members of the University shall if such person is a member of the Senate be removed also from the register of the Senate in accordance with the provisions of Statute A, I, 6(ii), and any degree or degrees to which he or she has been admitted shall be cancelled in accordance with the provisions of Statute B, III, 11.