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Special No 5

Monday 11 July 2022

Vol clii

pp. 1–100000000

Representatives of the University

1. Representative Governors, etc.

Aberystwyth University: Advisory Board for the Woodrow Wilson Chair of International Politics (University of Oxford appoints alternatively) vacancy.

Aston in Birmingham, University of (Member of Convocation) vacancy.

British Institution Fund vacancy.

Cambridge in America, Board of: Directors The Vice-Chancellor, or his deputy; the Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Ms Alison Traub; Prof. David Rowitch, CL, 2022.


Cambridge Access Validation Agency Mr Tom Levinson, F.

Cambridge and District Citizens Advice Bureau, Representative Governors Dr Patricia Mia Gray, G, 2023.

Cambridge, Church Schools of Dr Thomas Keith Carne, K, Ms Patricia Pritchard, HO, 2024.

Cambridge, Museum of Mr Mathew Lowe, 2022.

Cambridge Society Ms Anne Mary Lonsdale, MUR, Dr Donald William Buchanan MacDonald, W.

Cambridge Sports Hall Trust Ltd.: Management Board Mr Steve Goddard, 2026.

Cambridge United Charities Dr David Stanley Secher, CAI, 31 Jul 2023; Mr James Hardy, 30 Sep 2024.

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Prof. Peter John Clarkson, TH, 31 Aug 2022; Prof. Peter St George-Hyslop, 30 Jun 2024.

Cambridge, University of, Primary School: Governing Body The Head of the Faculty of Education of the University (Chair); the Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education; Ms Amy Weatherup, T, 30 Jun 2022; Dr Martin Vinnell, W, 28 Feb 2023; Ms Penelope Coltman, HO, 30 Apr 2023; Dr Kirsty Anne Allen, W, 30 Jun 2024; Ms Claire Vane, N, 2025.

Clare College: Assessors to the Visitor Prof. David John Ibbetson, CLH, 13 Feb 2025; vacancy.

Conservators of the River Cam Mr Giles Greenfield, DAR, Mr Steven John Morris, M, 2024; vacancy.

Edward Storey, Foundation of Dr Antony Warren, 2022; Ms Joanna Womack, MUR, 31 Oct 2024; Ms Ruth Bond, 31 Mar 2025; Ms Carol Lyon, 2025.

Storey's Field Community Trust: Trustees Ms Lily Bacon, ED, Ms Mary Parsons, Prof. Jeremy Keith Morris Sanders, SE.


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust Dr Diana Frances Wood, ED, 2023.

Cambridgeshire County Council County Advisory Group for Archives and Local Studies Ms Jacqueline Cox, DAR, 30 Jun 2022.

Cheshunt Foundation two vacancies.

Coexist House Trust: Trustees Dr Timothy Winter, W, 2025.

Commonwealth Universities, Association of The Vice-Chancellor, ex officio.

Convocation of Canterbury vacancy.

East Anglian Committee for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education The Regius Professor of Physic, ex officio.

Eastern Arts Board Mr David Duncan Robinson, M.

General Synod of the Church of England vacancy.

Gino Watkins Memorial Fund Dr Lorraine Craig.

Haslingfield United Charities Prof. Christopher John Burgoyne, EM.

Henry Fund: Trustees Prof. The Lord Eatwell, Q, Dame Fiona Reynolds, EM, Lord Smith of Finsbury, PEM.

Japan Foundation Endowment Committee (Appointment alternates with SOAS) vacancy.

Marine Biological Association Prof. Alison Gail Smith, CC.

Moulton Harrox Educational Foundation vacancy.

Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dr Caroline Edmonds, 30 Sep 2022.

Percy Sladen Memorial Fund Dr Edmund Tanner, CAI, 30 Nov 2024.

Royal College of Art (Member of the Court) vacancy.

Thomas Wall Trust vacancy.

Universities' China Committee The Vice-Chancellor, ex officio.

Westcott House: Trustees Prof. Nathan MacDonald, JN, Prof. Catherine Jane Crozier Pickstock, EM, 28 Feb 2025.

Westminster College Dr Giles Edward Waller, PET, 28 Feb 2025.

West Norfolk and King's Lynn Girls' Schools' Trust vacancy.

2. Representative Trustees Associated with the University

(for schemes to provide awards for overseas students, etc.)

Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust: Trustees

Prof. Loraine Ruth Renata Gelsthorpe, PEM (Deputy Chair), 31 Jul 2022; Prof. David Anthony Cardwell, F, 31 Aug 2022; Mr Peter Andrew Jestyn Phillips, W, 30 Sep 2022; Prof. Catherine Sarah Barnard, T, 2022; Prof. Jaideep Charles Prabhu, CL, Prof. Nidhi Singal, HH, 30 Apr 2023; Prof. Michael Richard Edward Proctor, K (Chair), Dr Michael Russell Wheldon Rands, DAR, 30 Sep 2023; Prof. Dame Ann Patricia Dowling, SID, Prof. Simon Colin Franklin, CL, 31 Jul 2024; Ms Loretta Minghella, CL, 31 Oct 2024; Prof. Dame Madeleine Atkins, LC, 28 Feb 2025.

Gates Cambridge Trust: Trustees

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair), 30 Sep 2022; Mr Timothy James Harvey-Samuel, TH, 31 Jul 2022; Prof. Dame Sally Davies, T, Prof. Bhaskar Vira, F, 30 Sep 2022; Dr Julia Fan Li, JN, 30 Sep 2023; Prof. Usha Claire Goswami, JN, Lord Woolley of Woodford, HO, 30 Sep 2024; [Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] Prof. Mary Sue Coleman, 30 Sep 2022; Ms Amy K. Carter, 02 Mar 2025.

Cambridge Kurt Hahn Trust: Trustees

Dr Axel Gelfert, W, Ms Nami Morris, Dr Lucia Ruprecht, EM, 30 Nov 2022; Ms Alison Rose, N (Chair), 2023; Dr Bernhard Fulda, SID, 01 Apr 2025; Dr Charlotte Woodford, SE, 30 Apr 2025.

3. Cambridge Enterprise Ltd: Board of Directors

Prof. Russell Cowburn, Prof. Patrick Henry Maxwell, T, 21 Mar 2023; Dr Jane Osbourn, Mr Debu Purkayastha, 19 Sep 2023; Ms Annalisa Gigante, 01 Feb 2024; Prof. Laura Diaz Anadon, 31 May 2024; Mr Ajay Chowdhury (Chair), 2024; Mr David Hughes, EM, Prof. Andrew David Neely, SID, Mr Diarmuid O'Brien, Mr Anthony Louis Odgers, PEM, Dr Paul Seabright; Secretary: Ms Emma Machteld Clara Rampton, SID.