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No 6588

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Vol cl No 30

pp. 567–573

Notices by the General Board

Senior Academic Promotions, 1 October 2020 exercise: Appointments and titles

In its Report, dated 23 June 2020, on Senior Academic Promotions (Reporter, 6586, 2019–20, p. 519), the General Board recommended the establishment of 42 Professorships and 57 Readerships. In Paragraph 5 it was stated that the Board would announce the titles at a later date after consultation with the individuals concerned. The recommendations of the Report were approved by Grace 15 of 29 July 2020. The following list of appointments includes the titles that have been agreed.


With effect from 1 October 2020

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr Simon Gathercole, F, appointed Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity

Dr Richard Dance, CTH, appointed Professor of Early English

Dr Priyamvada Gopal, CHU, appointed Professor of Postcolonial Studies

Dr Jan-Melissa Schramm, TH, appointed Professor of Literature and Law

Dr Rodrigo Cacho, CL, appointed Professor of Early Modern Iberian and Latin American Literature

Dr Nigel Collier, MUR, appointed Professor of Natural Language Processing

Dr Henriette Hendriks, LC, appointed Professor of Language Acquisition and Cognition

Dr Brechtje Post, JE, appointed Professor of Phonetics and Phonology

Mr Richard Causton, K, appointed Professor of Composition

Dr Clare Chambers, JE, appointed Professor of Political Philosophy

School of the Biological Sciences

Dr Thomas Micklem, PEM, appointed Professor in Computational and Molecular Biology

Dr Kristian Franze, JN, appointed Professor of Neuronal Mechanics

Dr Julia Davies, DAR, appointed Professor of Stress Signalling

Dr Ian Henderson, CAI, appointed Professor of Genetics and Epigenetics

Dr Andrew Welchman appointed Professor of Neural Intelligence

School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Marc Tischkowitz appointed Professor of Medical Genetics

Dr James Brenton appointed Professor of Ovarian Cancer Medicine

Dr Charlotte Coles appointed Professor of Breast Cancer Clinical Oncology

Dr Douglas Winton appointed Professor of Epithelial Biology

Dr Ferdia Gallagher, CAI, appointed Professor of Translational Imaging

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Ricardo Sabates Aysa, HH, appointed Professor of Education and International Development

Dr Brendan Burchell, M, appointed Professor of the Social Sciences

Dr Elisabete Silva appointed Professor of Spatial Planning

School of the Physical Sciences

Dr John Maclennan, EM, appointed Professor of Igneous Petrology

Dr Stephen Eglen, M, appointed Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Dr Oscar Randal-Williams appointed Professor of Mathematics

Dr Peter Varju appointed Professor of Pure Mathematics

Dr Silvia Vignolini appointed Professor of Biomaterials and Sustainability

Dr Sarah Bohndiek, CC, appointed Professor of Biomedical Physics

Dr Claudio Castelnovo, T, appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics

Dr Alexander Mitov, EM, appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics

Dr Nikolaos Nikiforakis, SE, appointed Professor of Computational Multiphysics

School of Technology

Dr Timothy Griffin, K, appointed Professor of Computer Science

Dr Richard Mortier, CHR, appointed Professor of Computing and Human-Data Interaction

Dr Andrew Rice, Q, appointed Professor of Computer Science

Dr Michael De Volder, JN, appointed Professor of Advanced Materials Engineering

Dr Colm Durkan, G, appointed Professor of Nanoengineering Science

Dr Graham Pullan, TH, appointed Professor of Computational Aerothermal Design

Dr Keith Seffen, CC, appointed Professor of Engineering Mechanics

Dr Richard Eric Turner, CHR, appointed Professor of Machine Learning

Dr Glenn Vinnicombe, CAI, appointed Professor of Control Engineering

Dr Roisin Owens, N, appointed Professor of Bioelectronics


With effect from 1 October 2020

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr Yuet Chau, JN, appointed Reader in the Anthropology of China

Dr Christopher Whitton, EM, appointed Reader in Latin Literature

Dr Sarah Dillon appointed Reader in Literature and the Public Humanities

Dr Subha Mukherji, F, appointed Reader in Early Modern Literature and Culture

Dr Emma Gilby, SID, appointed Reader in Early Modern French Literature and Thought

Dr David Trippett, CHR, appointed Reader in Music

Dr Benjamin Walton, JE, appointed Reader in Music History

School of the Biological Sciences

Dr Martin Welch appointed Reader in Microbial Physiology and Metabolism

Dr Heike Laman, CL, appointed Reader in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Dr Matthew Murray appointed Reader in Cellular and Molecular Pathology

Dr Graham Ladds, JN, appointed Reader in Receptor Pharmacology

Dr Sander van der Linden, CHU, appointed Reader in Social Psychology in Society

Dr Jason Head appointed Reader in Vertebrate Evolution and Ecology

School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Christopher Rodgers, PET, appointed Reader in Biomedical Imaging

Dr Cedric Ghevaert appointed Reader in Transfusion Medicine

Dr James Nathan appointed Reader in Respiratory Medicine

Dr Michael Weekes appointed Reader in Viral Immunology

Dr Karen Ersche, CLH, appointed Reader in Addiction Neuroscience

Dr James Woodcock appointed Reader in Transport and Health Modelling

Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam appointed Reader in Urology

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Naci Aytek Erdil, K, appointed Reader in Economics

Dr Sara Baker, DAR, appointed Reader in Developmental Psychology and Education

Dr Zoe Jaques, HO, appointed Reader in Children’s Literature

Dr Andrew Arsan, JN, appointed Reader in Arab and Mediterranean History

Dr Helen McCarthy, JN, appointed Reader in Modern and Contemporary British History

Dr Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni, SID, appointed Reader in International Relations

Dr Dennis Grube, G, appointed Reader in Politics and Public Policy

Dr Alicia Hinarejos Parga, DOW, appointed Reader in European Union Law

Dr Kathleen Liddell, DOW, appointed Reader in Intellectual Property and Medical Law

Dr Barak Ariel appointed Reader in Experimental Criminology

Dr Xiaohui Bao, N, appointed Reader in Land Economy

Dr Shailaja Fennell, JE, appointed Reader in Regional Transformation and Economic Security

Dr Shaun Larcom, SE, appointed Reader in Law, Economics and Institutions

Dr Emma Lees, F, appointed Reader in Environmental and Property Law

School of the Physical Sciences

Dr Alexander Copley, R, appointed Reader in Tectonics

Dr Alexander Piotrowski, MUR, appointed Reader in Palaeoclimatology

Dr Michael Herzog appointed Reader in Atmospheric Sciences

Dr Charlotte Lemanski appointed Reader in Urban Geography

Dr Richard Charles Powell, F, appointed Reader in Arctic Studies

Dr Alice Reid, CHU, appointed Reader in Demography

Dr Maciej Dunajski, CL, appointed Reader in Mathematical Physics

Dr Christopher Edward Thomas, CHR, appointed Reader in Theoretical Physics

Dr Roland Bauerschmidt appointed Reader in Probability

Dr Hugo Bronstein, PEM, appointed Reader in Functional Materials

Dr Steven Lee appointed Reader in Biophysical Chemistry

Dr Nicholas Jones, PEM, appointed Reader in Metallurgy

Dr Benjamin Beri appointed Reader in Theoretical Physics

Dr Andrew Jardine, F, appointed Reader in Experimental Physics

Dr Christina Potter, N, appointed Reader in High Energy Physics

School of Technology

Dr David Stillwell appointed Reader in Computational Social Science

Dr Thomas Sauerwald, EM, appointed Reader in Algorithms and Probability

Dr Robert Watson appointed Reader in Systems, Security and Architecture

Dr Nathaniel Crilly appointed Reader in Design

Dr Stuart Haigh, T, appointed Reader in Geotechnical Engineering

Dr Evgeni Shwageraus, HH, appointed Reader in Nuclear Energy Systems Engineering

Dr Ramji Venkataramanan, TH, appointed Reader in Information Engineering

Dr Gabriele Kaminski Schierle, R, appointed Reader in Molecular Neuroscience