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No 6577

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Vol cl No 19

pp. 334–345

Notices by the General Board

Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies

With immediate effect

The General Board has agreed to amend the Schedules to its Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies (reproduced in Statutes and Ordinances, p. 219). The Procedure provides the University with a means to review decisions taken in relation to individual students by a number of different bodies and issue a Completion of Procedures letter, using a process that is in line with guidance issued by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. The Schedules set out the decisions within the scope of the Procedure. They have been simplified and replaced with one Schedule, which reads as follows:


All formal decisions taken in the exercise of the powers of the following University bodies/officeholders which concern individual students or candidates,1 except decisions concerning admissions and examination results:

Examination Access and Mitigation Committee

Board of Graduate Studies

Faculty Boards

General Board and all General Board Sub-Committees

Degree Committees and all Degree Committee Sub-Committees

Information Services Committee

Library Syndicate

Senior Proctor

The following decisions made under the Student Disciplinary Procedure:

Decisions made under paragraph 2.27 not to share with a student all evidence considered in reaching a decision under that procedure;

Decisions made by the Student Discipline Officer not to commission an investigation or to limit the scope of an investigation.


  • 1These decisions include (but are not limited to) those concerning progression, reasonable adjustments, the granting of examination allowances and allowances of terms, the granting of additional attempts of certain examinations, the imposition of a fine, and the suspension or revoking of permissions or licences.