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No 6495

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Vol cxlviii No 19

pp. 388–393

Form and conduct of examinations

Notices by Faculty Boards, or other bodies concerned, of changes to the form and conduct of certain examinations to be held in 2017–18, by comparison with those examinations in 2016–17, are published below. Complete details of the form and conduct of all examinations are available from the Faculties or Departments concerned.

Historical Tripos, 2018: Correction

Further to the Notice published on 6 December 2017 (Reporter, 6487, 2017–18, p. 164), the Faculty Board of History gives notice that, with effect from the examinations to be held in 2018, the form of the examinations for the following paper of the Historical Tripos has been amended (as shown in the text in bold) and will now be as follows:

Preliminary Examination for Part II and Part II

Section D, Specified Subjects

Paper 19. The problem of sustainability, 1500–1987

There will be one three-hour examination paper, consisting of a maximum of twenty-four essay questions. The paper will be divided into two sections. Questions in Section A will relate specifically to lecture topics; Section B will consist of cross-cutting and comparative questions. Candidates will be required to answer three questions, two from Section A and one from Section B.