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No 6475

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Vol cxlvii No 41

pp. 769–815

Notices by the General Board

Senior Academic Promotions, 1 October 2017 exercise: Appointments and titles

In its Report of 14 June 2017 on Senior Academic Promotions (Reporter, 6469, 2016–17, p. 646), the General Board recommended the establishment of 42 Professorships and 60 Readerships.1 In Paragraph 5 it was stated that the Board would announce the titles at a later date after consultation with the individuals concerned. The recommendations of the Report were approved by Grace 4 of 5 July 2017. The following list of appointments includes the titles that have been agreed.


With effect from 1 October 2017

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr Katherine Bennison, M, appointed Professor of the History and Culture of the Maghrib

Dr James Warren, CC, appointed Professor of Ancient Philosophy

Dr Robert Douglas Hedley, CL, appointed Professor of the Philosophy of Religion

Dr Mari Jones, PET, appointed Professor of French Linguistics and Language Change

Dr Anna-Leena Korhonen, appointed Professor of Computational Linguistics

School of the Biological Sciences

Dr Luca Pellegrini, appointed Professor of Structural Biology

Dr Francis Jiggins, EM, appointed Professor of Evolutionary Genetics

Dr Ian Brierley, appointed Professor of RNA Virology

Dr Laura Itzhaki, N, appointed Professor of Structural Pharmacology

Dr Jennifer Nichols, appointed Professor of Embryonic Pluripotency

Dr John Gibson, CL, appointed Professor of Pathophysiology

School of Clinical Medicine

Dr David Savage, appointed Professor of Molecular Metabolism

Dr David Jayne, appointed Professor of Clinical Autoimmunity

Dr Ketan Patel, CAI, appointed Professor of Molecular Medicine and Stem Cell Genomics

Dr Kenneth Ong, JN, appointed Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology

Dr Antonis Antoniou, DAR, appointed Professor of Cancer Risk Prediction

Dr Nita Forouhi, appointed Professor of Population Health and Nutrition

Dr Michael Nicholson, appointed Professor of Transplant Surgery

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Vasco Pereira Marques de Carvalho, JE, appointed Professor of Macroeconomics

Dr Mary Laven, JE, appointed Professor of Early Modern History

Dr Marta Mirazón Lahr, CL, appointed Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology and Prehistory

Ms Nicola Padfield, F, appointed Professor of Criminal and Penal Justice

School of the Physical Sciences

Dr Richard Harrison, CTH, appointed Professor of Earth and Planetary Materials

Dr Bhaskar Vira, F, appointed Professor of Political Economy

Dr Julia Gog, Q, appointed Professor of Mathematical Biology

Dr Eric Lauga, T, appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr Anthony Challinor, Q, appointed Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics

Dr Stuart Clarke, JE, appointed Professor of Surface Science

Dr Sophie Jackson, PET, appointed Professor of Chemical and Molecular Biology

Dr Erwin Reisner, JN, appointed Professor of Energy and Sustainability

Dr James Elliott, F, appointed Professor of Macromolecular Materials Science

Dr Ben Gripaios, K, appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics

School of Technology

Dr Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Q, appointed Diageo Professor of Organisation Studies

Dr Francesco Stajano, T, appointed Professor of Security and Privacy

Dr Simone Teufel, K, appointed Professor of Language and Information

Dr Richard Fenner, W, appointed Professor of Engineering Sustainability

Dr Janet Lees, JN, appointed Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr Mate Lengyel, appointed Professor of Computational Neuroscience

Dr Michael Sutcliffe, CTH, appointed Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Dr Silvana Cardoso, PEM, appointed Professor of Fluid Mechanics and the Environment

Dr Alexander Routh, CAI, appointed Professor of Colloid Science

Dr Jochen Zeitler, CAI, appointed Professor of Microstructure Engineering


With effect from 1 October 2017

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr James William Patrick Campbell, Q, appointed Reader in Architecture and Construction History

Dr Yaron Peleg, JE, appointed Kennedy-Leigh Reader in Modern Hebrew Studies

Dr Heather Webb, SE, appointed Reader in Medieval Italian Literature and Culture

Dr Ioanna Sitaridou, Q, appointed Reader in Spanish and Historical Linguistics

School of the Biological Sciences

Dr Michaela Frye, appointed Reader in Stem Cell Biology

Dr Suzanne Turner, HH, appointed Reader in Cellular and Molecular Tumour Biology

Dr Alberto Cardona Torrens, appointed Reader in Connectomics

Dr Kristian Franze, JN, appointed Reader in Neuronal Mechanics

Dr Uta Paszkowski, JN, appointed Reader in Plant Molecular Genetics

Dr Dénes Szücs, DAR, appointed Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

Dr Marta Zlatic, T, appointed Reader in Systems and Circuits Neuroscience

Dr Ragnhildur Karadottir, appointed Reader in Cellular Neuroscience

School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Menna Clatworthy, PEM, appointed Reader in Immunity and Inflammation

Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio, Q, appointed Reader in Translational Epidemiology

Dr Ferdia Gallagher, CAI, appointed Reader in Molecular Imaging

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Sara Horrell, MUR, appointed Reader in Economic History

Dr Robert Karner Rendahl, CC, appointed Reader in Economics

Dr Kristine Black-Hawkins, appointed Reader in Inclusive Education

Dr Hilary Cremin, F, appointed Reader in Education

Dr Lucy Delap, MUR, appointed Reader in Modern British and Gender History

Dr Nicholas Guyatt, TH, appointed Reader in North American History

Dr Paul Warde, PEM, appointed Reader in Environmental History

Dr Christopher Bickerton, Q, appointed Reader in Modern European Politics

Dr Joanna Page, R, appointed Reader in Latin American Literature and Visual Culture

Dr Ayse Zarakol Jajich, EM, appointed Reader in International Relations

Dr Hazem Kandil, CTH, appointed Reader in Political Sociology

Dr Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, K, appointed Reader in International and European Intellectual Property Law

Ms Joanna Miles, T, appointed Reader in Family Law and Policy

Dr Philippa Rogerson, CAI, appointed Reader in Private International Law

Dr Elisabete Silva, R, appointed Reader in Spatial Planning

School of the Physical Sciences

Dr Poul Christoffersen, MUR, appointed Reader in Glaciology

Dr Anders Hansen, PET, appointed Reader in Mathematics

Dr Ulrich Sperhake, appointed Reader in Gravitation

Dr John Ryan Taylor, JN, appointed Reader in Oceanography

Dr Oscar Randal-Williams, K, appointed Reader in Pure Mathematics

Dr Henry Wilton, T, appointed Reader in Pure Mathematics

Dr Madhusudhan Nikku, appointed Reader in Astrophysics and Exoplanetary Science

Dr Ian Parry, appointed Reader in Astronomical Optics

Dr Silvia Vignolini, JE, appointed Reader in Chemistry and Bio-Materials

Dr Howard Stone, Q, appointed Reader in Metallurgy

Dr Sarah Bohndiek, CC, appointed Reader in Biomedical Physics

Dr David Buscher, PEM, appointed Reader in Experimental Astronomy

Dr Alexander Mitov, EM, appointed Reader in Theoretical Physics

Dr Suchitra Sebastian, T, appointed Reader in Physics

School of Technology

Dr Xin Chang, DAR, appointed Reader in Financial Economics

Dr Alastair Beresford, R, appointed Reader in Computer Security

Dr Paula Buttery, CAI, appointed Reader in Computing and Language

Dr Mateja Jamnik, W, appointed Reader in Artificial Intelligence

Dr Andrew Rice, Q, appointed Reader in Computer Science

Dr Adam Boies, T, appointed Reader in Nanomaterials and Aerosol Engineering

Dr Ioannis Brilakis, appointed Laing O’Rourke Reader in Construction Engineering

Dr Michael De Volder, JN, appointed Reader in Nanomanufacturing

Dr John Durrell, PEM, appointed Reader in Superconductor Engineering

Dr Tawfique Hasan, CHU, appointed Reader in Nanomaterials Engineering

Dr Alexandre Kabla, EM, appointed Reader in Mechanobiology

Dr Per Ola Kristensson,2T, appointed Reader in Interactive Systems Engineering

Dr Athina Markaki, R, appointed Reader in Materials and Biomedical Engineering

Dr Sumeetpal Singh, CHU, appointed Reader in Engineering Statistics

Non-School Institutions

Dr Spike Bucklow, appointed Reader in Material Culture


  • 1Dr Panayotova has since elected not to take up the office of Reader.

  • 2The General Board’s Report of 14 June 2017 in error omitted the second part of Dr Kristensson’s forename, which is now included.