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No 6446

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Vol cxlvii No 12

pp. 146–175

Notices by the General Board

Senior Academic Promotions Committees, 1 October 2017 exercise

The General Board has appointed the following as members of its Senior Academic Promotions Committee and Sub‑Committees for the Senior Academic Promotions exercise in respect of promotions to take effect from 1 October 2017.

General Board’s Senior Academic Promotions Committee

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz (Chair)

Professor Liba Chaia Taub (Arts and Humanities)

Professor Jane Clarke (Biological and Medical Sciences)

Professor Koen Alexander Steemers (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Professor Ian Hugh White (Physical Sciences)

Professor Robert Charles Kennicutt (Technology)


Professor Christopher Carey (University College London) (Arts and Humanities)

Professor Margaret Jane Dallman (Imperial College London) (Biological and Medical Sciences)

Professor Davina Cooper (University of Kent) (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Professor Alison Etheridge (University of Oxford) (Physical Sciences)

Professor Rebecca Cheung (University of Edinburgh) (Technology)

General Board’s Sub-Committees

Arts and Humanities

Professor Liba Chaia Taub (Chair)

Professor Wendy Margaret Bennett

Professor Judith Margaret Lieu

Professor Martin John Millett

Professor Susan Kathleen Rankin

Professor Johan Jacob van de Ven

Professor Christopher Carey (External)

Biological and Medical Sciences

Professor Jane Clarke (Chair)

Professor Matthew James Allen

Professor Fiona Jane Gilbert

Professor Beverley Jane Glover

Professor Peter Brian Jones

Professor Rebecca Mary Kilner

Professor Margaret Jane Dallman (External)

Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Koen Alexander Steemers (Chair)

Professor Philip Michael Allmendinger

Professor Sarah Brooks Franklin

Professor Martin Kenneth Jones

Professor Kaivan Dara Munshi

Professor Anna Frances Vignoles

Professor Davina Cooper (External)

Physical Sciences

Professor Ian Hugh White (Chair)

Professor Simon Conway-Morris

Professor Anne Christine Davis

Professor Judith Louise Driscoll

Professor Alan Lindsay Greer

Professor Michael Christopher Payne

Professor Alison Etheridge (External)


Professor Robert Charles Kennicutt (Chair)

Professor Ann Alicia Copestake

Professor John Stephen Dennis

Professor Vikram Sudhir Deshpande

Professor Richard William Prager

Professor Stefan Scholtes

Professor Rebecca Cheung (External)

Faculty Promotion Committees

1. School of Arts and Humanities

Faculty or other institution

Members appointed

Combined Faculty Promotions Committee One: Architecture and History of Art, English, Music, Philosophy, and Divinity

Professor Paul Russell (Chair)

Professor Simon David Goldhill (GB Member)

Professor Steven Kevin Connor

Professor Garth Lowther Fowden

Professor Nicholas John Marston

Professor Alexander Duncan Oliver

Professor Wendy Ann Pullan

Professor Caroline Alexandra Van Eck

Professor Nicolette Zeeman

Ms Susan Caroline Round (Secretary)

Combined Faculty Promotions Committee Two: Classics, Modern and Medieval Languages, and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Professor Sarah Jean Colvin (Chair)

Professor Catherine Jane Crozier Pickstock (GB Member)

Professor Sven Mikael Adolphson

Professor Gabor Sandor Betegh

Professor Steven Rowland Boldy

Professor William E. Burgwinkle

Professor James Peter Timothy Clackson

Professor Geoffrey Allan Khan

Professor Ianthi Maria Tsimpli

Ms Nadya Mullen (Secretary)

2. School of the Biological Sciences

Faculty or other institution

Members appointed

Biology and Veterinary Medicine

Professor Abigail Lesley Fowden (Chair)

Professor Anna Philpott (GB Member)

Professor Nabeel Ahmed Affara

Professor Sir David Charles Baulcombe

Professor Paul Martin Brakefield

Professor John Michael Edwardson

Professor Gerard Ian Evan

Professor Anne Carla Ferguson-Smith

Professor Zoe Kourtzi

Professor Ole Paulsen

Professor James Lionel Norman Wood

Ms Margaret Alison Staff (Secretary)

3. School of Clinical Medicine

Faculty or other institution

Members appointed

Clinical Medicine

Professor Patrick Henry Maxwell (Chair)

Professor Anne Carla Ferguson-Smith (GB Member)

Professor Edward Thomas Bullmore

Professor Patrick Francis Chinnery

Professor John Danesh

Professor Richard James Gilbertson

Professor Gillian Griffiths

Professor Kay-Tee Khaw

Professor Eamonn Richard Maher

Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly

Professor Susan Ozanne

Professor Sylvia Therese Richardson

Professor Kenneth George Campbell Smith

Dr Litsa Maria Biggs (Secretary)

4. School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty or other institution

Members appointed


Professor Sanjeev Goyal (Chair)

Professor Pauline Margaret Rose (GB Member)

Professor Giancarlo Corsetti

Professor Christopher John Harris

Professor Oliver Bruce Linton

Professor Hamish Wallace Low

Professor Johannes Dominicus Hyacinthus Maria Vermunt

Ms Marie Ann Butcher (Secretary)


Professor Maria Nikolajeva (Chair)

Professor Loraine Ruth Renata Gelsthorpe (GB Member)

Professor Geoffrey Francis Hayward

Professor Pauline Margaret Rose

Professor Keith Stephen Taber

Professor Johannes Dominicus Hyacinthus Maria Vermunt

Ms Kate Marie-Josephine Allen (Secretary)


Professor Peter Mandler (Chair)

Professor Sarah Jean Colvin (GB Member)

Professor John Hugh Arnold

Professor Sir Christopher Munro Clark

Professor Mark Adrian Goldie

Professor Ulinka Rublack

Dr Elizabeth Haresnape (Secretary)

Human, Social, and Political Sciences and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Professor Simon John Schaffer (Chair)

Professor Loraine Ruth Renata Gelsthorpe (GB Member)

Professor Cyprian Broodbank

Professor Joel Lee Robbins

Professor David Walter Runciman

Professor Jacqueline Lilian Scott

Professor Eske Willerslev

Ms Suzanne Frances Adcock (Secretary)

Land Economy, Law, and Criminology

Professor Ronald Leonard Martin (Chair and GB Member)

Professor Catherine Sarah Barnard

Professor Mark Christopher Elliot

Professor Richard Griffith Fentiman

Professor Christine Diana Gray

Professor Ian David Hodge

Professor Colin Martyn Lizieri

Professor John Stuart Landreth McCombie

Professor Lawrence William Sherman

Ms Daniela Manca (Secretary)

5. School of the Physical Sciences

Faculty or other institution

Members appointed

Earth Sciences and Geography

Professor Ashit Hariprasad Amin (Chair)

Professor Henrietta Miriam Ottoline Leyser (GB Member)

Professor Nicholas James Butterfield

Professor Julian Andrew Dowdeswell

Professor Matthew Gandy

Professor David Arnold Hodell

Professor Simon Anthony Turner Redfern

Professor Susan Smith

Professor Andrew William Woods

Dr Adam Nigel Strange (Secretary)


Professor Malcolm John Perry (Chair)

Professor Serena Michelle Best (GB Member)

Professor John Alexander David Aston

Professor Natalia G. Berloff

Professor Mark William Gross

Professor James Ritchie Norris

Professor Gordon Ian Ogilvie

Professor Gabriel Pedro Paternain

Professor Nigel Peake

Professor David Tong

Ms Hannah Fox (Secretary)

Physics and Chemistry

Professor Gerard Francis Gilmore (Chair)

Professor Marian Barbara Holness (GB Member)

Professor Serena Michelle Best

Professor Mark Giffard Blamire

Professor Catherine Jane Clarke

Professor Andrew Christopher Fabian

Professor Christopher Allim Haniff

Professor Christopher Alexander Hunter

Professor Michael Andrew Parker

Professor John Adrian Pyle

Professor Henning Sirringhaus

Professor Dominic Simon Wright

Ms Mary Howe (Secretary)

6. School of Technology

Faculty or other institution

Members appointed

Business and Management

Professor Daniel Ralph (Chair)

Professor Nicola Susan Clayton (GB Member)

Professor Christoph Hubert Loch

Professor Sucheta Subhash Nadkarni

Professor Jaideep Charles Prabhu

Professor Raghavendra Rau

Professor Jochen Heiko Runde

Ms Julie Brown (Secretary)

Computer Science and Technology

Professor Ian Malcolm Leslie (Chair)

Professor Sabine Bahn (GB Member)

Professor Simone Hochgreb

Professor Andrew Hopper

Professor Simon William Moore

Professor Andrew Mawdesley Pitts

Ms Caroline Anne Stewart (Secretary)

Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Professor David Anthony Cardwell (Chair)

Professor Valerie Gibson (GB Member)

Professor William Joseph Byrne

Professor Robert Stewart Cant

Professor Simon David Guest

Professor Elizabeth Ann Howlett Hall

Professor Clemens Friedrich Kaminski

Professor Robin Stewart Langley

Professor Andrew David Neely

Professor Sir Mark Edward Welland

Ms Sally Dorothy Winton Collins-Taylor (Secretary)

Staff of the University Library and affiliated libraries

With immediate effect

The General Board, on the recommendation of the Library Syndicate, has approved an amendment to the regulations for the staff of the University Library and affiliated libraries (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 645) to reflect a revised organizational structure. Sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) of Regulation 2 have been amended so as to read:

(a) This staff shall include officers designated by the Library Syndicate, on the recommendation of the Librarian, for duties in the affiliated libraries, who shall be responsible for the management of those libraries.

(b) In addition to the officers specified in sub-paragraph (a) above, the Library Syndicate, on the recommendation of the Librarian, may also designate other officers for duties in any of the affiliated libraries.