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No 6409

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Vol cxlvi No 14

pp. 286–301

Notices by Faculty Boards, etc.

Examination in Scientific Computing for the M.Phil. Degree, 2015–16

The Degree Committee of Physics and Chemistry give notice that a new course-specific module in Machine Learning (Paper 7) is available to candidates for the examination in Scientific Computing for the degree of Master of Philosophy.

The papers available for examination in 2015–16 are:

(Candidates should choose a minimum of three)

Paper 1.

Fundamentals in numerical analysis

Paper 2.

Numerical integration and ordinary differential equations

Paper 3.

Numerical differentiation and partial differential equations

Paper 4.

Linear systems

Paper 5.

Electronic structure

Paper 6.

Atomistic modelling of materials

Paper 7.

Machine learning

Candidates may borrow (with permission from the Course Director) one or more of the following elective papers:

MAT3 Paper 205

Modern statistical methods (Mathematics)

NST3CH Paper 2

Chemical biology and drug discovery (M8) (Chemistry)

The Degree Committee confirm that no student will be disadvantaged by this change.