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No 6396

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Vol cxlvi No 1

pp. 1–17

Notice by the University Bellringer

During the morning of Wednesday, 9 September 2015, at the University Church of St Mary the Great, the following rang a Plain Course of 360 Changes of Cambridge Surprise Royal:

1. Timothy K. Dickens

2. Frank H. King

3. Marjorie B. Batchelor

4. Susan B. Binns

5. Michael H. D. O’Callaghan

6. William H. K. Brooke

7. Maximillian L. D. Drinkwater

8. David C. W. Richards

9. Malcolm S. Edwards

10. Alan T. Winter

Conducted by Alan T. Winter

During the evening of the same day, the following rang a Quarter Peal of 1280 Changes of Cambridge Surprise Royal:

1. Alfred G. W. Pipe

2. Henry J. W. Pipe

3. Elizabeth A. Orme

4. David J. Pipe

5. William T. Bosworth

6. David C. W. Richards

7. Richard A. Smith

8. Barry R. M. Johnson

9. Phillip M. Orme

10. Luke T. W. Smith

Conducted by Henry J. W. Pipe

By the above ringing, the University and the City marked the day on which the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II exceeded that of Her Late Majesty Queen Victoria.