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No 6367

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Vol cxlv No 11

pp. 186–223



5 December, Friday. Full Term ends.

9 December, Tuesday. Discussion at 2 p.m. in the Senate-House (see below).

17 December, Wednesday. Last ordinary number of the Reporter in the Michaelmas Term.

19 December, Friday. Michaelmas Term ends.

5 January, Monday. Lent Term begins.

13 January, Tuesday. Full Term begins.

Notice of a Discussion on Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 111) to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House, on Tuesday, 9 December 2014, at 2 p.m. for the discussion of:

1. Report of the Council, dated 18 November 2014, on a Garden Room for the Botanic Garden (Reporter, 6365, 2014–15, p. 148).

2. Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 24 November 2014 and 5 November 2014, on revisions to the arrangements for the contribution-based review of Professorial pay (Reporter, 6366, 2014–15, p. 182).

Dates of Discussions for 2015–16

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that Discussions will be held on the following days in the academical year 2015–16:

Discussions (on Tuesdays at 2 p.m.)

Michaelmas Term 2015

Lent Term 2016

Easter Term 2016

Long Vacation 2016

13 October

19 January

26 April

5 July

27 October

2 February

10 May

10 November

16 February

24 May

24 November

1 March

7 June

8 December

15 March

Election to the Council in class (b): Vote result

28 November 2014

The Vice-Chancellor announces that the following persons have been elected to serve as members of the Council from 1 January 2015 for four years in class (b) (Professors and Readers):

Professor R. J. Anderson, CHU (first elected)

Dr S. M. Oosthuizen, W (second elected)

Details of the poll and of the transfer of votes under the Single Transferable Vote Regulations are as follows:

Number of valid votes cast: 817 (13 spoilt papers not counted)      (Quota: 273)

First count

Transfer of Dr Rowe’s votes

Second count

Transfer of Prof. Anderson’s surplus

Third count

Transfer of Prof. Gay’s votes

Fourth count


Prof. R. J. Anderson, CHU






First elected

Prof. N. J. Gay, CHR







Dr S. M. Oosthuizen, W








Second elected

Prof. R. W. Prager, Q








Dr J. B. Rowe, CL














EU Public Procurement Regulations

1 December 2014

The Council, on the advice of the Finance Committee, has declared that the University continues to remain outside the scope of the EU Public Procurement Regulations as it is less than 50% publicly funded. The calculation is carried out annually to ensure that it remains possible to make the declaration. It is the Council’s intention that the University’s procurement procedures should continue to follow the good practice set out in the regulations and in the University’s Financial Regulations (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 1016; see also

Court of Discipline

3 December 2014

The Court of Discipline met on 29 September 2014 to consider a charge brought by the University Advocate on a complaint by the Chair of Examiners for a Tripos examination against an undergraduate member of the University. The Court consisted of: Dr D. M. Fox, JN (Chair), Professor C. S. Barnard, T, Dr J. M. Evans, CAI, Mr A. D. Lemons, HH, and Dr P. J. Watson, EM. Dr J. A. Knapton acted as Clerk to the Court. On the application of the Defendant, the Court consisted of senior members only and sat in camera.

The Defendant was charged with an offence contrary to Regulation 6 of the General Regulations for Discipline, namely that they had used unfair means in three Tripos examinations in 2014, specifically that they had in their possession without authorization material relevant to each of the examinations. The Defendant pleaded not guilty. The University Advocate presented her case and the Defendant’s representative presented the Defendant’s case. Witnesses were called and cross-examined. The Court considered with care all of the evidence and submissions placed before it and took note of the burden and standard of proof required and, after extensive deliberation, returned verdicts of not guilty on the first two charges and guilty on the third charge. The Court was adjourned following the announcement of the verdicts.

The Court met again on 20 October 2014 to consider the sentence; its membership and the basis upon which it convened were unchanged. The University Advocate highlighted the premeditated nature of the offence. The Defendant’s representative presented various factors and evidence in mitigation. In determining its sentence, the Court considered both the extraordinarily acute evidence presented in mitigation and the serious nature of the offence. It ordered that the Defendant’s mark in the relevant paper be reduced to zero and that, in consequence, their name be removed from the relevant class-list; that their membership of the University be suspended for the duration of the 2014–15 academical year; that their readmission to proceed to the remaining examinations of their degree be conditional on being granted allowances by the Applications Committee (a) after proof satisfactory to the Committee that they are fit to return to continue their studies in the 2015–16 academical year, and (b) to be put in standing to proceed to their next examination; and that they be barred from seeking any other allowance arising out of the relevant examination.