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No 6362

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Vol cxlv No 6

pp. 85–114


Graces submitted to the Regent House on 29 October 2014

The Council submits the following Graces to the Regent House. These Graces, unless they are withdrawn or a ballot is requested in accordance with the regulations for Graces of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 111), will be deemed to have been approved at 4 p.m. on Friday, 7 November 2014.

1. That the Report of the Council, dated 22 September 2014, seeking authority to extend Phase 1 of the North West Cambridge development (Reporter, 6357, 2014–15, p. 11) be approved.1

2. That a Douglas Cashin Fund be established in the University, to be governed by the following regulations:2

Douglas Cashin Fund

1. The sums received by the University in 2014 from an anonymous donor for the establishment of the above fund, and other sums received for the same purpose, shall form a fund called the Douglas Cashin Fund.

2. The Managers of the Fund shall be the Faculty Board of Classics.

3. The income of the Fund shall be used to support the study of Classics at the University, with a preference for providing assistance to those who might otherwise be deterred from such study by their financial circumstances, in such manner as may be determined by the Managers of the Fund.

4. Any unexpended income in a financial year may be accumulated for use as income in any one or more subsequent years, as the Managers may determine.


  • 1The Council is of the view that the remarks made at the Discussion on 14 October 2014 on this Report, whilst pertinent to the North West Cambridge development, do not directly concern the recommendations of this Report and therefore the Council is submitting a Grace. The Council will respond to the remarks as a separate matter.

  • 2See the Vice-Chancellor’s Notice on p. 86.