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No 6349

Thursday 29 May 2014

Vol cxliv No 32

pp. 593–608


Report of the Council on the construction of an extension to the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre for the Radiopharmaceutical Unit

The Council begs leave to report to the University as follows:

1. The existing Radiopharmaceutical Unit at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (WBIC) needs to be reconfigured and extended in order to manufacture the increasing number and range of PET radiopharmaceuticals required at the Addenbrooke’s site in support of, inter alia, the imaging programmes of the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and the recently established Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) in Dementia. In addition, the new facility will enable the Unit to comply fully with European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical legislation for facilities, in accordance with the requirements of the UK Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

2. The proposed 89m2 two-storey extension to the existing processing laboratory will be constructed on an extended existing concrete slab adjacent to the WBIC cyclotron, which is also part of the radiochemistry laboratory. The ground floor will consist of a lobbied changing room and a Class C clean laboratory which will contain up to six lead-lined units (hot cells) for the production of GMP radiopharmaceuticals, and refurbished Quality Control and support laboratories. The hot cells will be maintained by means of an isolated service corridor with access from the existing laboratory. Stairs lead to a second floor, providing space for the Cyclotron Engineering Laboratory, a write-up/laboratory support area for routine manufacture, and a toilet. All mechanical and electrical work will integrate with the existing infrastructure, which is in reasonable condition.

3. The project will include the installation of more efficient mechanical and electrical systems, which will reduce their operating costs, but any overall increase in recurrent costs will be met from the income generated by increased radiopharmaceutical production.

4. The building work is scheduled to begin in July 2014 on a 28-week contract. The total estimated project cost is £2,018,200, for a total project area of 175m2, of which 89m2 is the new build. The full cost will be met from the School of Clinical Medicine’s existing resources and the Capital Fund in roughly equal proportions.

5. The application for Planning Permission was submitted in July 2013 and full approval was received in September 2013.

6. Drawings of the proposed scheme are displayed for the information of the University in the Schools Arcade. A map showing the location of the WBIC and the proposed extension is shown below.

7. The Council recommends:

I. That approval is given for the construction of an extension to and reconfiguration of the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre for the Radiopharmaceutical Unit as described in this Report.

II. That the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Resources, on the advice of the Director of Estate Strategy, be authorized to accept a tender for the building contract and all associated works in due course.

28 May 2014

L. K. Borysiewicz, Vice-Chancellor

Fiona Karet

Rachael Padman

Jeremy Caddick

F. P. Kelly

John Shakeshaft

Stephen J. Cowley

Mark Lewisohn

Jean Thomas

Athene Donald

Rebecca Lingwood

I. H. White

David Good

Mavis McDonald

A. D. Yates

Andy Hopper

Susan Oosthuizen

Richard Jones

Flick Osborn

Location map: Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre and proposed extension for the Radiopharmaceutical Unit