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No 6266

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Vol cxlii No 31

pp. 602–610

Form and conduct of examinations

Natural Sciences Tripos, 2012

The Committee of Management for the Natural Sciences Tripos give notice that, with effect from the examinations to be held in 2012, the form and conduct of certain of the examinations for the Natural Sciences Tripos will be changed as follows:

Part II

Zoology, Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Zoology)

The restrictions that apply to courses taught by the Departments of Plant Sciences and Genetics have been amended.Questions may be answered from only one of the following two sections in the entire examination:

Papers 1 and 2: Section I (Dynamics, history, and phylogeny of vegetation)

Papers 3 and 4: Section G (Evolutionary genetics)

The restriction on Section H (Responses to global change) is removed.

Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part II, Oral Examination, 2013

The Faculty Board of Modern and Medieval Languages give notice that, with effect from the examinations to be held in 2012–13, the form of the Part II oral examination for the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos shall be changed as follows:

The examination shall take the form of a presentation of the candidate’s Year Abroad Project, lasting normally five minutes, and a discussion of the Year Abroad Project between the candidate and two examiners, lasting normally ten minutes.

The Faculty will no longer publish topics for candidates to discuss. Any candidate who, by special permission, did not complete a Year Abroad Project shall agree a suitable topic with their Director of Studies, which shall be notified to the Secretary for Part II oral examinations in advance.

The mark awarded for the oral examination shall now be weighted as the equivalent of 60%, instead of 40%, of a scheduled paper in the final Part II result for any candidate.

The examination for the academical year 2012–13 will be held on 27 and 28 September 2012.

Full details of the examination can be obtained on the Faculty website at