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No 6233

Monday 25 July 2011

Vol cxli No 37

pp. 1073–1108


This issue of the Reporter completes the first stage of the review process, which was established and approved by the Regent House on the recommendation of the Council in 2010. Consultation papers 1 (General) and 2 (Colleges and Collegiate Foundations) were published by the Technical Advisory Group in January 2011 (Reporter, 2010–11, pp. 391 and 393).

This issue contains the remaining consultation papers issued by the Advisory Group, 3 to 8 as follows;

3. The Chancellor and the government of the University (p. 1075)

4. Education and Research, Degrees (p. 1086)

5. Finance, Audit, Planning and Resource Allocation, Property and Buildings (p. 1089)

6. Discipline and the University courts (p. 1092)

7. Trusts (p. 1096)

8. University offices and employment (p. 1099)

The papers are those of the review process, and have not been considered by the Council.

Comments are welcome and should be sent to the Administrative Secretary at the University Offices, The Old Schools, Cambridge CB2 1TN (email: if possible by 14 November 2011. Comments made on papers 3 to 8 will be published on the web. In making comments, please make it clear if you do not wish your comments to be so available.

The consultation papers are also available on the University’s Discussion Forum (

When the comments have been considered, the Technical Advisory Group chaired by Professor David Yates will put forward to the Council draft Reports to the University, for consideration, and if thought fit, signature and submission by the Council. These Reports will seek approval in principle of the proposed new Statutes.

A Report to the University (Report 1) proposing approval in principle of the new Statutes about Colleges and Collegiate Foundations, is being prepared following consideration and comments made on consultation paper 2, and is expected to be published early in the Michaelmas Term 2011.

When the process of approval in principle is complete, a corpus of new Statutes approved in principle would exist. This corpus will be edited and collated, brought up to date as necessary, and will then be submitted to the Regent House in the form of a final Report to the University, submitted by the Council. This Report will recommend that the new Statutes are made and should be submitted to Her Majesty in Council for approval. It is expected that this final Report will be submitted by Easter 2012, and that, if approved by Her Majesty in Council, the new Statutes will come into force from a date or dates in 2013.