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Special No 2

Friday 1 October 2010

Vol cxli

pp. 1–80

Other Appointments Committees

In Institutions under the supervision of the Council

Careers Service Syndicate: Mr Michael Younger, HO

Fitzwilliam Museum: Sir Richard Dearlove, PEM

Hamilton Kerr Institute, Directorship of: Sir Richard Dearlove, PEM

Sports Syndicate: Ms Deborah Lowther, G

University Centre: vacant

University Health Services: Professor Robert David Lethbridge, F

Unified Administrative Service, Staff of: Professor Martin James Daunton, TH

In Institutions under the supervision of the General Board of the Faculties

Biomedical Services, Directorship of: vacant

Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership: vacant

Continuing Education, Institute of: Professor John Martin Rallison, T

Language Centre, Directorship of: vacant

Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics: Professor Malcolm Schofield, JN

Grimshaw-Parkinson Fund: Manager appointed

The Vice-Chancellor has appointed Professor John Gerald Patrick Sissons, DAR, to act as a Manager of the Grimshaw-Parkinson Fund for the academical year 2010–11.