Cambridge University Reporter

Amending Statutes for New Hall: Notice

14 July 2008

The Vice-Chancellor begs leave to refer to her Notice of 18 June 2008 (Reporter, p. 870), concerning amending Statutes for New Hall, the purpose of which is to change the name of the College to Murray Edwards College. The College has also submitted an amendment to its Charter to Her Majesty in Council. The Vice-Chancellor hereby gives notice that in the opinion of the Council the proposed amendment to the College Statutes and the College Charter alters a Statute which affects the University, and may not be made without the consent of the University; but that the interests of the University are not prejudiced by the proposed alteration, and that the Council are therefore submitting a Grace to the Regent House for the grant of the necessary consent (Grace 12, p. 967) which entails proposing an amendment to Statute K, 3(a) of the University Statutes to take effect from the approval of the amendment of the College Charter.