Cambridge University Reporter

Report of the Council on amendments of the Statutes and Ordinances in relation to the Finance Committee, buildings, and certain offices: Notice

7 February 2005

The Council have considered the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 14 December 2004 (p. 366) and comment on the main points raised as follows:

1. The composition and functions of the Planning and Resources Committee (PRC) should be published. The membership of the PRC, as reconstituted, will continue to be published in the Officers Number of the Reporter. Its new constitution and functions are already published in the Council's Report dated 8 March 2004 (Reporter, 2003-04, p. 537). See also point 2.

2. The PRC should be established by Ordinance. The PRC is a joint committee of the Council and the General Board and operates under the authority and by decision of those two bodies, not by direct establishment by Ordinance. The Council, however, intend to publish more information about their Committees. They will propose regulations about Council and General Board Committees to be accompanied by a schedule in Statutes and Ordinances of the constitution and terms of reference of the principal Committees.

3. Directors and Deputy Directors within the Unified Administrative Service (UAS) should not be eligible to serve on the Board of Scrutiny. The Council agree, and propose an amendment of the recommended Statute which would achieve this and which would enable provision to be made by Ordinance to designate Directors and Deputy Directors and comparable officers within the UAS as ineligible to serve on the Board. A separate Grace will be put forward to make this provision before the new Statute comes into effect.

4. Professor Edwards implied that some Directors in the UAS are direct replacements of the Secretary General and the Treasurer. This is not so. The functions of the Directors are different from those of the two officers.

5. The office of Assistant Treasurer. This office (in various grades) continues to exist under the provision of Regulation 4 for the Unified Administrative Service (staff of the University offices) (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 656).

6. Which body or persons possess authority to apply the Seal at present? While the present Statutes are in force, the authority remains as stated in those Statutes and in the corresponding Ordinances. The Common Seal may be applied by order of the Council (or the Finance Committee on the Council's behalf) or on the authority of a Grace.

7. Order of seniority of graduates. The Council are grateful to Professor Edwards for pointing out that this regulation will require amendment. An amendment is proposed.

Since the publication of the Report referred to in this Notice, the Council have published a Report on distributions from the Amalgamated Fund (Reporter, p. 282) which proposed further amendments to Statute F, III, 6. These amendments supersede those proposed for Statute F, III, 6 in this Report which the Council now withdraw.

As indicated in this Notice, the Council amend the recommendations in the Report as set out below. They are putting forward a Grace for the approval of the recommendations of the Report as so amended (Grace 1, p. 449).

Amendments to the recommendations of the original Report

Statutory amendments

Statute A, VII, 4 (Prohibition on membership of the Board of Scrutiny).

The proposed amendment is withdrawn and replaced by the following amendment:

By replacing the words 'Secretary General of the Faculties, Secretary of a School, Treasurer, or Assistant Treasurer' by the words 'or Secretary of a School' and by adding a new second sentence as follows:

The University may by Ordinance make provision from time to time to designate University offices which are established by Ordinance and which have primarily administrative duties, the holders of which shall be prohibited from membership of the Board as though they were listed in this Statute.

Statute F, III, 6 and 7 (Property, Buildings, Loans)

The proposed amendment to section 6 is withdrawn and the proposed amendment to section 7 is revised so as to read:

By replacing the reference to 'its Finance Committee' by reference to 'a duly authorized Committee of the Council'.

Amendments of Ordinances

A. To come into effect on date A (the date of approval of the recommendations of the Report by Grace)

Order of Seniority of Graduates (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 177).

Regulation 1.

By deleting the references to the Treasurer and the Secretary General of the Faculties.