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Election of student members of the Council: Notice

8 May 2003

In the election held on 6 May 2003, the following persons were elected to be student members of the Council in class (i) (all eligible students):

First elected: Mr B. Brinded, CAI

Second elected: Ms S. Adelman, EM

Details of the poll are as follows:

Class (i) (all eligible students)

Total number of valid votes: 1,341     Quota: 447     No. of places: 2

    First Count Transfer of surplus
votes from Mr Brinded
Second count
(excluding Ms Davies)
Adelman, Ms S.,EM 352+43.53395.53+98.43493.96Second elected
Brinded, Mr B.,CAI 592-145447 447First elected
Davies, Ms K.,HO 181 +61.70 242.70 -242.70 0 
Read, Ms J.,N 216 +39.77 255.77 +96.37 352.14 
Not transferable +47.9047.90 

Totals  1,341  1,341   1,341 


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Cambridge University Reporter, Wednesday 14 May 2003
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