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Student complaints procedure: Constitution of panels

Stage 3 of the Student complaints procedure being introduced from 1 October 2002 provides for formal process including consideration of complaints by a panel. The panels would consist of a Chairman, who will normally be legally qualified, or have judicial or quasi-judicial experience, at least one senior member of the University not connected with the College or Department of the student, and at least one student member unless the student complaining requests otherwise. The Council is to maintain lists of people who are prepared to serve on these panels.

JCRs and MCRs are being invited to nominate student members to be on these lists.

Senior members of the University and others who are interested are invited by this Notice to express interest in being included in the list of Chairmen (who would normally be legally qualified, or have had judicial or quasi-judicial experience) or on the list of senior members to serve on the panels. It would be helpful if such expressions of interest could in the case of the list of Chairmen include a note of legal qualifications or judicial or quasi-judicial experience, and in the case of senior members specific identification of their College (or Colleges) and Faculty, Department, or other institutions concerned.

Expressions of interest can be sent to the Administrative Secretary, Secretariat, University Offices, The Old Schools. It would be helpful to achieve expressions of interest by Monday, 14 October 2002, but later expressions of interest will be welcome.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 7 August 2002
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