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Other universities

Some particulars of the following vacancies may be seen at the University Registry, The Old Schools, during office hours:

University of the West Indies, Trinidad
Professors/Senior Lecturers in Plant Science, Veterinary Physiology
Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in Curriculum Studies, Psychiatry
Australian National University
Director of the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
University of Queensland, Brisbane
Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Urban Planning
Griffith University, Queensland
Lecturer in Sports Management
University of Auckland
Professor/Associate Professor of Orthopaedics
Associate Professors/Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in the Department of Economics
Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia
Lecturer in Ethnomusicology
University of Canterbury
Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Operations Management
Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore
Teaching appointments in the Department of Geography
Aga Khan University, Karachi
Executive Assistant to the Rector

Academic vacancies are also publicized on the National Information on Software and Services (NISS) Notice-board at http://www.niss.ac.uk/noticeboard/jobs/.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 17 February 1999
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