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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

S. V. Ley, M.A, T M. J. Perry, M.A., Ph.D., T

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

J. M. Garton, NH

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

B. Al-Lazikani, N. Canonical structures of immunoglobulins and T cell receptors

N. D. R. Altekamp, K. A study of rare hadronic B decays with the OPAL experiment at LEP

N. Barsoum, CC. A comparison of vegetative and non-vegetative regeneration strategies in Populus nigra and Salix alba

R. Belch, DAR. Extremal interpolation and nonlinear Riemann-Hilbert problems

A. M. Binello, CHR. New atomic calculations and spectroscopic studies for the Fe XII coronal ion

A. F. Blackwell, DAR. Metaphor in diagrams

E. C. Blake, DAR. The spatial relationship between the giants' tombs and Nuraghi of Sardinia

S. V. Brasher, CHU. Biophysical and structural analyses of M31 and Mdm2

A. B. D. Brown, TH. Order in concentrated colloidal dispersions of anisotropic particles under shear

A. M. Bunn, DAR. Grain refinement in aluminium alloys

M. A. Cant, CTH. Communal breeding in banded mongooses and the theory of reproductive skew

C. Cenedese, TH. Baroclinic eddies over topography

A. D. Challinor, Q. Applications of geometric algebra in physics and cosmology

E. A. Christow, DAR. Governments against their own people: a study of Ethio-Somali and Ethio-Sudanese conflicts, 1960-1998

K. Clare, CL. Toxicity of oxidised LDL and its lipid components to human monocyte-macrophages

R. Coles, PET. The Huntington's disease gene promoter

M. T. D. Cooper, G. The regulation of the Drosophila Enhancer of split genes, mδ and mγ

P. Corish, W. Molecular studies of non-cytotype P-M hybrid dysgenesis repression in Drosophila melanogaster

M. S. Costa, DAR. Branes and black holes in string theory

M. J. Costambeys, PEM. Piety, property and power in eighth-century central Italy. The rise of the abbey of Farfa in its social and political context, c. 690-787

D. J. Crease, CAI. Gene induction and patterning in the early Xenopus embryo by molecules with long range activity

P. K. Crosbie, CTH. Monitoring and management of tourist landing sites in the Maritime Antarctic

P. J. Curry, N. Troubled waters: maritime cultures of the Chilean fjords

A. R. Davies, NH. Environmental values and the UK land use planning system

D. Dequech, W. Rationality and institutions under uncertainty

P. C. Dixon, M. Uses of the word 'person' in theologies of the Trinity in seventeenth-century England

A. P. Dominey, Q. The competitive formation of bicyclic acetals

A. Dullweber, DAR. Simulation of atomic and molecular complexes

P. D. Ellis, M. Inducible expression and regulated processing of heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor in an intestinal epithelial cell line

N. N. Eriksen, F. Kierkegaard's category of repetition: a reconstruction

K. A. Evans, G. Acadian metamorphic fluid flow in east-central Vermont

H. E. Fernandes, K. Gender and responsibility in Athenian legal discourse

D. S. Fernandez, EM. Signalling in Trypanosoma b. brucei mediated by GTP-binding proteins and phosphorylation

I. J. Fillingham, CC. A modular esterase from the cellulolytic complex of an anaerobic fungus

D. M. Forbes, EM. Enterprising women: gender and business ownership in the market research industry in Britain

A. F. Gaud, CAI. Genomic organisation and expression of a Trypanosoma brucei gene cluster

M. E. Goloubeva, NH. The glorificaton of Emperor Leopold I (1658-1705) in image, spectacle and text

C. B. Gordon, SE. Uses of 'supernatural' in England in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries

A. F. F. Green, CAI. Particularist state-building and the German question: Hanover, Saxony, Württemberg 1850-1866

N. Griffin, M. Low-dimensional systems in silicon/silicon-germanium heterostructures

D. M. Grimley, K. Nielsen, nationalism and Danish musical style

P. M. Haggie, W. Spectroscopic studies of labelled proteins in vivo

M. A. Handley, TH. The early medieval inscriptions of Britain, Gaul and Spain: studies in function and culture

A. L. Hazel, Q. Modelling of blood flow near arterial walls

X. N. Hernandez Doring, G. Topics of galactic evolution

N. Hicks Pedrón, EM. Model-based asset management: a comparative study

M. R. Huddleston, TH. Modelling the sea ice thickness distribution in the Greenland Sea

C. Humfress, JN. Forensic practice in the development of Roman and ecclesiastical law in late antiquity, with special reference to the prosecution of heresy

J. C. L. Jackson, HH. Royalist politics, religion and ideas in Restoration Scotland 1660-1689

L. M. Jenkins, ED. Development of environmental scanning electron microscopy for textile hydration studies

D. H. Jones, DAR. Abjection and the construction of self in the prose fiction of Jean Genet and Samuel Beckett

P. Jones, JN. Studies towards the synthesis of the C1-C28 fragment of spongistatin 1

L. V. L. Jovine, CAI. Structural studies of the U1A - 3´UTR complex and of signal recognition particle

G. Kapetanios, CHU. Essays on the econometric analysis of threshold models

S. Kelling, DOW. Enhancing CO oxidation over Pt single crystals by surface acoustic waves

M. A. Kenworthy, CL. The development of new techniques for integral field spectroscopy in astronomy

S. I. Khondaker, CHU. Electron transport in low-dimensional semiconductor structures

J. P. Konrad, CAI. Telomere replication and regulation in vertebrates

P. Lai, SID. The growth of labour-intensive goods exporting economies - a theoretical model with an application to the case of China

J. W. Lang, EM. Strategic flexibility through modularization, technology partnering and organisational structure

M. J. W. Larkin, DOW. Retrospective revaluation in causality judgement

A. V. Lawrence, CC. The reception and application of the Bible in Dante's Comedy: a reading for today

C-P. Liu, DAR. Characterisation of ultrathin semiconductor layers using transmission electron microscopy

J. P. Maddrell, CC. Britain's exploitation of Occupied Germany for scientific and technical intelligence on the Soviet Union

J. R. Mellor, Q. Electrophysiological investigation of the mechanisms underlying GABAergic synaptic transmission

N. K. Menon, EM. A study of electronic structure anisotropy by spatially resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy

P. J. Meth, JN. Rethinking the dumping grounds: the case of Bilanyoni

A. W. T. Miao, CLH. The concept of holiness in the book of Ezekiel

R. L. Middleton, CC. Alkyne coupling on copper and copper/palladium single crystal surfaces

N. J. Milner, CC. Seasonality information from the incremental growth of the European oyster for Ertebølle sites in Denmark

T. D. Moore, F. Andreev reflection at high magnetic fields

A. J. Mountain, CL. Studies of supersymmetry, symmetry groups and monopoles

C. Moutsou, LC. Handling 'food for thought': Greek and Turkish hybrid representations in Brussels

M. K. H. Natusch, T. Detection limits in electron energy-loss spectroscopy

J. B. P. Naylon, TH. A wireless ATM local area network

M. D. Needham, CAI. Measurement of the branching ratio and the form factor of the decay KLe+e-γ

M. Norrish, CTH. C formalised in HOL

É. P. Ó Ceallacháin, DAR. Figurations of ideology and the retreat from history in the later poetry of Eugenio Montale

G. L. Orriss, DAR. Biochemical and structural analysis of the ATP synthase from bovine heart mitochondria

W. Palmer, F. Discrete molecular species as precursors to novel inorganic materials

J-H. Park, DAR. Superconformal symmetry in higher than two dimensions

C. J. Parkins, W. Newtonian asymptotics for detonation initiation

E. M. Peden, CAI. A rationalisation of implied terms in contract law

N. E. R. Perkins, CC. Counsel and constraint in Thomas Hoccleve's The Regement of Princes

B. Placido, K. Spirits of the nation: identity and legitimacy in the cults of María Lionza and Simón Bolívar

B. Pruin, CTH. Wave propagation over one- and two-dimensional rough surfaces

I. D. Rees, CHU. Studies of the group transfer polymerisation of methyl methacrylate

A. Rehding, Q. Nature and nationhood in Hugo Riemann's dualistic theory of harmony

J. L. Reid, K. Regulation of transcription by acetyltransferases

A. Reinhardt, CAI. Neural network-based methods for large scale protein sequence analysis

L. J. Richardson, PEM. Sir John Hayward and early Stuart historiography

M. M. Ruotsila, JN. The origins of Anglo-American anti-Bolshevism, 1917-21

D. Saint-Jacques, CC. Astronomical seeing in space and time: a study of atmospheric turbulence in Spain and England, 1994-98

V. T. E. Salzmann, JE. West Germany, the United States and the crisis of the Western Alliance, 1963-1966

V. Saxena, CHU. Hot electron luminescence from GaAs: electric field effects

J. P. Scott, CL. Stereocontrolled synthesis of polyketide libraries and fragments of discodermolide

E. M. Screen, PET. The reign of Lothar I (795-855), emperor of the Franks, through the charter evidence

B. S. Siamwiza, CLH. A history of famine in Zambia, c. 1825-1949

A. M. Simper, CTH. Relativistic calculations on molecules

T. F. Sing, W. Real options in real estate: irreversibility, volatility and option premia in UK commercial property market

J. S. Soll, M. Amelot de La Houssaye and the scholarship of the Sæculum: Tacitism, history and prudence in seventeenth-century France

S-S. Soo, R. Genetic control of immune response to recombinant antigens delivered by live attenuated Salmonella typhimurium

D. T. Steel, DAR. The formability of long fibre thermoplastic composites

R. J. Steinke, SE. Confessing and status confessionis: a study in the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

D. J. Stone, Q. The management of resources on the demesne farm of Wisbech Barton, 1314-1430

H. M. I. Stone, CAI. The functional morphology and evolution of pronounced shell ornament in epifaunal bivalves

T. J. Stone, N. The integration of women into a military service: the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in the Second World War

M. Tait, Q. Taking sides: Stefan Heym's historical fiction

K. M. Tan, JN. Small defect blocks of symmetric group algebras

G. J. Tattersall, SID. Metabolic and respiratory correlates of behaviour in the overwintering frog Rana temporaria

G. W. P. Thompson, Q. Topics in mathematical finance

P. D. Treherne, T. The domination of Europe: warrior aristocracy in the Bronze Age and the foundations of statehood in temperate Europe, ca. 4500-700 B.C.

C. K. Vaughan, CAI. Crystallographic studies of mutants of barnase and the barnase-barstar complex

M. D. Vázquez-Navarro, CC. A thermogravimetric study of oxygen diffusion in YBa2Cu3O7-δ

S. Verma, JN. Phenotypic and functional analysis of human uterine natural killer cells

E. E. Watson, PET. Ground truths: land and power in Konso, Ethiopia

S. Watson, M. The production and study of laser-driven flyer plates

P. White, DAR. Nutritional regulation of muscle gene expression

M. J. Wilby, G. The use of Schwann cells in the repair of damage to the CNS; strategies for functional improvement

S. K. Williams, W. Poor relief, welfare and medical provision in Bedfordshire: the social, economic and demographic context, c. 1770-1834

R. Zerella, JN. Studies of protein folding using peptide models

I. Ziemele, W. State continuity and nationality in the Baltic States: international and constitutional law issues

Master of Science

A. N. Karkut, CL. A multicolour CCD survey for z > 5 quasars

Y. F. C. Wong, W. Service quality management in the hotel industry: theory and practice

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Biological Science

K. Kühnel, T
D. Pimenides, HH
V. G. Praig, Q

Examination in European Studies

A. S. C. Berntsson, M

Examination in Latin-American Studies

K. Sehnbruch, JE

Examination in Medieval History

D. Gaberdiel, LC

Examination in Physics

P. F. McBrien, PEM
M. J. Steiner, R

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Cambridge University Reporter, 10 February 1999
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