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Report of the Council on the financial position of the Chest, recommending allocations for 1998-99: Notice

15 June 1998

The Council have considered the remarks made by Dr Evans at the Discussion of this Report on 9 June 1998 (p. 825). They note that Dr Evans commented on the timing of the ballot which is to be held on the recommendations of their Report of 27 April, on the conduct of the projected early retirement scheme, on rulings made in response to recent representations under Statute K, 5, and on the powers of the Principal Administrative Officers. In the Council's view these remarks are not directly relevant to the recommendations contained in the Report, which are primarily for the approval of allocations from the Chest for the year 1998-99. The Council are accordingly submitting a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 7, p. 824) for the approval of the recommendations of their Report.

Dr Evans asked for the publication of an appendix to the Report to give an account of projected legal expenses for 1998-99. It is not possible to give a firm estimate of such expenses; most of the legal expenses incurred during the current year have been concerned with defending actions brought against the University rather than with actions initiated by the University, and the Council are not in a position to predict what expenses of this kind will be necessary in the coming year. The Allocations Report is based on estimates which include budgetary provision of £90,000 for this purpose.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 17 June 1998
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