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Statute Law (Repeals) Bill: Notice

19 April 2004

The Council have been approached by the Law Commission about the repeal of certain obsolete sections of Acts that relate to the University. After consultation with representatives of the University of Oxford, the Council have agreed that the following sections of Acts should be proposed for repeal:

(i) Cambridge University Act 1856In section 5: the words from the beginning to 'shall be called' and the words 'and which'.
 In section 17: the words from 'and to revise' to 'the Commissioners'.
(ii) Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1877In section 2: the definitions other than those of 'College' and 'Office'.
 Section 24.
 Section 57.
(iii) Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923Section 5.
(iv) Universities and College Estates Act 1925Section 32(2)(a).

The Law Commission's Seventeenth Report on Statute Law Revision which includes a draft Bill putting forward these and other proposals for repeal (not related to the University) has now been published and introduced into the current parliamentary session. The full Report is available on the Commission's website (http://www.lawcom.gov.uk).

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Cambridge University Reporter 21 April 2004
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