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Classical Tripos, Part IA, 2005: Amendment to prescribed subjects and books

The Faculty Board of Classics have agreed the following changes to the prescribed subjects and books for 2004-05 only and confirm that no student will be disadvantaged by the proposed change.

The Board give notice of the following amendment to Paper 1 and Paper 5 of Part IA which appeared on p. 1013 of the 11 June 2003 Reporter. It should read as follows:

Paper 1. Lysias 1 and 3; Homer, Odyssey 9 and 10; Herodotus 3.27-88; Plato, Ion; Euripides, Hippolytus.

Designated books for Paper 5, Section (a): Lysias 1 and 3; Cicero, In Catilinam 1

For Paper 1 candidates, Lysias 3

For Paper 2 candidates, Lysias 1

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Cambridge University Reporter 17 March 2004
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