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Mathematical Tripos, Part III, 2004: Notice

In accordance with Regulation 18 for the Mathematical Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 327), the Examiners give notice that a candidate may submit an essay on any one of the following additional topics:

Strategies for option pricing in the presence of transaction costs (Assessor: Dr D. P. Kennedy)

LIBOR-Market and Markov-Functional Interest-Rate Models (Assessor: Dr D. P. Kennedy)

Applications of Malliavin Calculus to Finance (Assessor: Dr D. P. Kennedy)

Poitou-Tate Duality (Assessor: Professor J. H. Coates)

Model Theory and the Mordell-Lang Conjecture (Assessor: Professor J. M. E. Hyland)

Random curves and disordered systems (Assessor: Professor G. R. Grimmett)

Some attempted proofs of the Michael Conjecture (Assessor: Dr G. R. Allan)

Large N methods in quantum field theory (Assessor: Professor H. Osborn)

Representation Theory for Supersymmetry and Superconformal Symmetry (Assessor: Professor H. Osborn)

The Galois Action on Torsion Points of Abelian Varieties (Assessor: Professor A. J. Scholl)

Etale Cohomology (Assessor: Professor N. I. Shepherd-Barron)

The Bergmann Kernel function (Assessor: Dr A. F. Beardon)

Gravitational collapse vs. theories of gravity (Assessors: Professor J. D. Barrow and Dr C. Germani)

Chromatic Homotopy Theory and the Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres (Assessor: Dr I. Grojnowski)

Directed Polymers in Random Environment (Assessor: Dr O. Hryniv)

Non-locality: Many measurements, many copies, many parties (Assessor: Dr J. Oppenheim)

The generalised Holonomy Conjecture of M-theory (Assessor: Dr M. J. Perry)

Experimental Signatures of Supersymmetry (Assessor: Dr M. J. Perry)

Primality Testing and Primality Proving (Assessor: Dr T. Fisher)

Candidates are reminded that they are required to return their form giving choices of examination papers and essay (if any) to the Faculty Office, Room B1.29, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, by Monday, 3 May 2004. Please note that this deadline will be strictly adhered to.

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