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External Examiners, 2003-04: Notice

External Examiners have been appointed as follows:

Final M.B. Examination, Part I, Pathology, December 2003: Dr W. Gransden, Bournemouth

Final M.B. Examination, Part II, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, December 2003: Professor L. D. Cardozo, London, Mrs C. Overton, Bristol

Final M.B. Examination, Part III, Medicine and Surgery, December 2003

Section (a) Clinical Pharmacology: Dr N. S. Baber, Professor P. J. Barnes, London, Professor A. H. Morice, Hull, Dr J. Upward, Harlow, Professor M. Wilkins, London

Section (a) Medicine: Professor H. Hoey, Dublin, Professor D. Thompson, Manchester

Section (b) Surgery: Professor P. J. Friend, Oxford, Professor W. D. George, Glasgow, Professor M. Nicholson, Leicester, Mr A. T. Raftery, Sheffield

Examination in Finance for the degree of Master of Philosophy, Lent Term 2004: Dr P. Holmes, Durham

Examination in Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology for the degrees of Master of Philosophy and Master of Studies: Professor M. Niranjan, Sheffield

Master of Business Administration, Lent Term 2004: Dr C. Clubb, London, Professor V. Hope-Hailey, Bedford, Professor R. Whittington, Oxford

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 November 2003
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