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Chairmen and Senior Examiners, 2003-04: Notice

Chairmen and Senior Examiners have been appointed as follows:

Final M.B. Examination, Part I, Pathology, December 2003: Dr S. Thiru, PEM (Senior)

Final M.B. Examination, Part II, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, December 2003: Mr A. Prentice (Senior)

Final M.B. Examination, Part III, Medicine and Surgery, December 2003

Section (a) Clinical Pharmacology: Professor M. J. Brown, CAI (Senior)

Section (a) Medicine: Professor T. M. Cox, SID (Senior)

Section (b) Surgery: Professor J. A. Bradley, W (Senior)

Examination in Finance for the degree of Master of Philosophy, Lent Term 2004: Dr P. A. Kattuman, CC (Chairman)

Examination in Computer Speech, Text, and Internet Technology for the degrees of Master of Philosophy and Master of Studies, Lent Term 2004: Dr A. A. Copestake, W (Chairman)

Master of Business Administration, Lent Term 2004: Dr J. C. Prabhu (Chairman)

Natural Sciences Tripos, Part III, Experimental and Theoretical Physics, Lent Term 2004: Dr H. P. Hughes, JN (Senior)

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 November 2003
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