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Report of the Council on the construction of a Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) at West Cambridge: Notice

10 November 2003

The Council have considered the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 7 October 2003 (Reporter, p. 69). Professor G. R. Evans asked what had been the cost to the University of preparation for the proposed Marconi building. A total of £1.14m was spent on the preparatory work for the original building, of which a payment of approximately £214,000 was still outstanding from Marconi before the project was halted. In order to recover some of this money the University made a claim on Marconi under creditors' schemes and has received a small distribution in respect of this claim.

Dr D. R. de Lacey asked whether the University can afford to allocate money to building projects. For any such project the Faculty or Department concerned is required to present a very detailed business plan to the Planning and Resources Committee setting out the case for the new building and identifying the funding. In this case the Department of Engineering have made the case that their research activity in the areas of photonics and electronics is currently housed in inappropriate, temporary rented accommodation. Funding for the building has been secured; overheads on anticipated research income will be more than sufficient to cover the additional direct costs of support staff and services, as well as the additional central costs incurred for items such as utilities, maintenance, and administration costs of research, students, and personnel.

The Council have agreed to submit a Grace (Grace 1, p. 164) to the Regent House for the approval of the recommendations in their Report.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 12 November 2003
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