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First-stage Report of the Council on the development of accommodation for a new Cambridge Institute for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism (CIDEM) at the Addenbrooke's Hospital Site: Notice

10 November 2003

The Council have considered the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 7 October 2003 (Reporter, p. 70). The purpose of this First-stage Report is to inform the University at an early stage of the proposed development at the Addenbrooke's Hospital Site and to seek approval in principle. The Report identified the funding for the initial years of the project and for the running costs and confirmed that resolution of the outstanding issues following the end of the lease period would be considered by the Planning and Resources Committee before a second Report was published.

The Council have therefore agreed to submit a Grace (Grace 2, p. 164) to the Regent House for the approval of the recommendations in their First-stage Report.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 12 November 2003
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