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Engineering Tripos, Part IIB, 2003-04: Amendments

Further to the notice of 18 June 2003 (Reporter, 2002-03, p. 1059) the Faculty Board of Engineering wish to announce the following amendments:

1. Module 4A12: Turbulence has been withdrawn for 2003-04.

2. An additional module, 4B15: Advanced telecommunications networks, will be offered in the Lent Term 2004, in set L5. This module will be assessed by examination and course-work.

3. The following modules have amended titles:

4B13 has changed from 'Sensors and instrumentation' to 'Electronic sensors and instrumentation'.
4C3 has changed from 'Electrical materials' to 'Electrical and nano materials'.
4C15 has changed from 'MEMS: system design and performance' to 'MEMS: Design'.

4. Module 4A5: Internal combustion engines will be assessed by examination only and not by course-work.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 5 November 2003
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