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Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS): Notice

13 October 2003

The Council give notice that the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) has been amended by the following Deeds of Amendment: the Twenty-third Deed, dated 22 March 2001, the Twenty-fourth Deed, dated 10 April 2001, the Twenty-fifth Deed, dated 18 December 2001, the Twenty-sixth Deed, dated 11 January 2002, the Twenty-seventh Deed, dated 1 November 2002, the Twenty-eighth Deed, dated 21 February 2003, the Twenty-ninth Deed, dated 22 February 2003, and the Thirtieth Deed, dated 28 July 2003.

The Twenty-third Deed permitted institutions to expand eligibility if required and has not been taken up by the University. The Twenty-fourth to Twenty-ninth Deeds contained a number of minor amendments which did not constitute material alterations to any item of basic scheme information; no formal disclosure to the membership of USS was therefore required.

The Thirtieth Deed of Amendment introduces a facility for members of USS who have paid additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) into the arrangement offered to members by the Prudential to use all or a part of their AVC fund to buy additional years of service in USS at retirement. Full details of the amendment can be obtained from Mrs S. E. Curryer, Head of Pensions Administration, Finance Division, 10 Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3PN.

Universities Superannuation Scheme Report and Accounts year ended 31 March 2003

USS Ltd has published their Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2003. The trustees will shortly be issuing a short report to all members giving details of the information contained in the full Report and Accounts. Copies of the full Report and Accounts can be obtained on request from the Pensions Office, Finance Division, 10 Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3PN.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 15 October 2003
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