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Report of the Council on the financial position of the Chest, recommending allocations for 2002-03: Notice

22 July 2002

The Council have received the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 9 July 2002 (see p. 1229). They have noted Dr Cowley's comments on undergraduate numbers and Dr Holmes's comments on the costs and funding of new building projects and on future student fees. They have forwarded these comments to the Planning and Resources Committee for consideration. Dr Evans's comments on promotions procedures have been referred to the General Board since these are matters which fall within the remit of the Board.

The Council will themselves give consideration to these matters, and to the other points made by Dr Evans in her remarks, in the light of the comments received from the General Board and the Planning and Resources Committee.

None of the issues raised was directly relevant to the recommendations of the Council's Report, the main purpose of which is the approval of the allocations from the Chest for the coming financial year. The Council are accordingly submitting a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 1, p. 1276) for the approval of the recommendations of the Report.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 24 July 2002
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