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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

D. M. Broom, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., CTH
D. J. Chivers, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., SEL
G. F. Gilmore, M.A., K

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)
F. A. Al-Harthy, K. Quantifying epeirogenic uplift and denudation across Eastern Australia
S. K. A. Au, CHU. Fundamental study of compensation grouting in clay
A. Bagnoli, W. Narratives of identity and migration: an autobiographical study on young people in England and Italy
A. D. Boese, CTH. Development and assessment of exchange-correlation functionals
P. Carlotti, T. Distorted turbulence near rigid boundaries
P. J. Carrick, M. Shrub community dynamics in a South African semi-desert
A. Cattaneo, M. Black holes in the formation and evolution of galaxies
N. Charalabopoulos, ED. The stagecraft of Plato: the Platonic dialogue as metatheatrical prose drama
Y-K. Chen, Q. The colour change and microstructure evolution of wet flowing paint when subject to shear
A. Christakou, PET. Prefrontal cortico-striatal systems underlying executive attention
Y. L. Chua, CHU. Chromatin structure of the pea plastocyanin gene
R. W. J. Clarke, JN. The politics of knowledge: 'understanding', reflexivity and engagement on the Israeli-Palestinian frontier
J. Dale, R. Eclogite facies metamorphism and deformation in the Adula Nappe, Central Swiss Alps
R. A. Ehlers, JN. Modelling of packaging systems in microwave fields
B. W. C. Ellis, W. Strategic planning in the global aerostructures industry
M-A. Falzon, CLH. Commerce and diaspora: locating the business practices of Hindu Sindhis
J. C. Field, W. Lexical segmentation in first and foreign language listening: with special reference to the segmentation of weak syllables
M. D. Fox, EM. A study of bond coat cracking in TBCs for turbine aerofoil applications
C. S. Fuller, NH. Cellulosic-synthetic polymer blends: molecular interactions and controlled drug release
J. P. Grainger, CAI. MAR DNA-binding proteins of the pea nuclear matrix
E. M. Gubba, CL. Trophic effects of corticosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone on the cultured rat brain
S-S. G. Hong, T. Pricing and hedging of spread options with stochastic component correlation
T. Hopkinson, JN. The middle Palaeolithic leaf points of Europe: an ecological geography
R. Jakkaraju, SID. Structure and processing of copper metallisation
S. S. James, JE. Flux pinning and magnetic order in the [RE]Ni2B2C superconductors
S. Jauss, TH. An investigation of tropine dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas strain AT3
J. A. Jessop, LC. Psychosocial dynamics of post-divorce parenting: pleasures, pitfalls and new partners
M-H. Jo, DOW. Spin polarised tunnel junctions based on half-metallic manganites
M. Jones, TH. The ligand-field analysis of lanthanide complexes
A. Karamanos, DAR. Stakeholder networks and the value of the firm
S. J. Kidd, CAI. Studies of group 15/nitrogen ligand systems
S. F. Knight, CHR. Natural language processing for aerospace documentation
G. F. Kuras, CC. The influence of nonmagnetic impurities on the transition temperature of anisotropic superconductors
M. N. Kyriacou, DAR. Financial risk measurement and extreme value theory
P. Li, DAR. Synthesis and characterisation of some transition metal complexes with poly-yne ligands
L. Mackenzie, G. Spatiotemporal properties of calcium signalling during excitation-contraction coupling in isolated rat atrial cardiac myocytes
V. Magar, W. Nutrient uptake by a squirming microorganism
T. Marwala, JN. Fault identification using neural networks and vibration data
M. A. Matooane, T. Parallel systems in symbolic and algebraic computation
J. McGrath, CAI. Aspects of Escherichia coli cell cycle control
C. McGregor, CAI. Novel gemini surfactants for drug delivery
P. B. Milligan, JN. Molecular diversity analysis for focused combinatorial libraries
A. Morreale, W. Structure of Cdc42 bound to the GTPase binding domain of PAK
A. V. Oak, K. Identities in practice: configuring design activity and social identity through talk
D. A. Pankhurst, W. Electronic structure at grain boundaries in nickel aluminide
P. J. Park, JN. Informing decision-making about screening for type 2 diabetes
C. C. A. Pearce, M. Ecclesiology and the law: monism and dualism in the religious polities of England and old-Prussian protestantism
C. Péroux, F. Properties of Lyman-**S141** absorbers at high-redshift
J. G. Plemmenos, ED. 'Micro-musics' of the Ottoman Empire: the case of the Phanariot Greeks of Istanbul
S. Rahman, JE. Executive and mnemonic functions in the frontal lobe dementias
F. H. Scholes, CL. Far-infrared emission spectroscopy of C6D6 and CO on pt(111) and pt(110)
S. J. Schreiber, CHU. Plasma deposition of microcrystalline silicon for thin film transistors
B. Shah, CAI. Characterisation of β3, a novel auxiliary subunit for the voltage gated sodium channel
J. Shi, SE. Towards fully automated structure prediction: homology recognition and alignment validation
C. Smith, T. An analysis of HSV-1 mediated transgene expression in the mammalian nervous system
P. J. Smith, F. Doped precursor powders for the fabrication of large grain high temperature superconductors
C. E. Staffell, CC. Lion and dog fight: images of the Anglo-Dutch wars of the seventeenth century
H. A. Stewart, LC. Young people's victimisation from crime in Belfast, Northern Ireland: a study of individual and community level risk factors
T. S. Stokes, N. Gibberellins and cytokinins in Rumex acetosa L
H. M. Storey, PEM. Novel membrane proteins of the trans Golgi network
M. Sullivan, CC. Astrophysical tracers of the cosmic star-formation history
S. J. Taylor, M. The design, synthesis and application of solid supported reagents
S. H. Thobani, DAR. Islam in the English education system: cultural identities, symbolic boundaries and pedagogic discourses
R. D. Tilley, JE. Sulphidisation of nickel and chromium nanoparticles
M. Tiwary, SID. Ecological institutions: joint forest management in Bihar (Jharkhand) and West Bengal, India
T. R. Tuladhar, PEM. Development of a novel sensor for cleaning studies
F-C. Wang, Q. Design and synthesis of active and passive vehicle suspensions
S. Wannaborworn, G. The deformation and breakup of viscous droplets in immiscible liquid systems for steady and oscillatory shear
M. C. West, DOW. Investigations into rearrangements of disilylalcohols
R. M. Westaway, F. Development of remote sensing methods for measurement of large, gravel-bed, braided rivers
J. Y. Whiston, PEM. The minimal generating sets of maximal size of selected groups
M. J. White, HH. Synthesis and reactions of macrocyclic thiazolium salts
N. M. White, CLH. The early to middle Miocene exhumation history of the High Himalayas, NW India
L. Zu, DAR. Line frequency measurements and pressure effect studies of atmospheric molecules using TuFIR spectroscopy

Master of Science

F. Y. Zhu, CLH. A human thermoregulatory model for predicting thermal sensation in transient building environments

Master of Letters

A. E. Chadwick, CTH. Symbols of change: Anglo-Saxon pendant crosses of the Middle Saxon Period, c. 600 - c. 720/30
D. V. King, EM. Ancient myths, modern mythmaking. Olaus Rudbeck and the Swedish origins of classical civilization

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Biological Science

B. R. J. Dent, PEM A. Ragab, HH
H. I. Ghoorahoo, CTH M. A. Seidman, CHU
H-E. Huang, CL  

Examination in Chemistry

H. J. S. Tay, F R. Wolf, CHU

Examination in Developmental Biology

N. V. Taverner, DAR

Examination in Economics with Econometrics

L. Jin, W

Examination in Engineering

A. Aramayo-Prudencio, SID Y. Mohd Yusof, PEM
N. G. Damasius, ED N. K. Shrestha, CHU
R. Dietrich, W  

Examination in Epidemiology

A. A. Abdelmotaal, W M. A. Rahman, W
A. A. Boyle, W J. E. A. D. Sevilleja, HH
F. J. Fleming, DAR S. Shohaimi, LC
A. R. Grant, M M. R. Smith, JN
C. J. Heginbotham, DAR S. S. Upponi, Q
E. E. M. Moodie, DAR R. E. D. Wagner, HH
B. D. Patel, DAR H. E. Wali, W
M. Rahman, W  

Examination in Latin-American Studies

N. T. Elva, W

Examination in Materials Modelling

S. Amjad, W
T. C. Illingworth, CTH

R. P. Guest, CC

Examination in Microelectronic Engineering and Semiconductor Physics

K. H. Ang, CTH S. Romero Domínguez, ED
J. He, HH J. M. Somerville, R
Y. Mo, CLH  

Examination in Physics

L. Schreiber, CHU

Master of Studies

Examination in English Local History

A. Eason, CL

Examination in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment

B. Hughes, W

Examination in Primary and Community Care

C. Atkinson, HO F. Nhiwatiwa, HO
M. Crookes, HO A. Parker, HO
J. Hughes, HO S. Quilligan, HO
J. Lunn, HO R. Scott, HO

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering to the following:

B. S. Carmo, Q T. Lefort, W

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Biological Science)

The Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Biology, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Biological Science) to the following:

L. A. Mwamburi, N

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