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Corpus Christi College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Foundation Scholarships: S. Tofaris (Law); C. Ward (Geography); P. Guttridge (Engineering); J. James (Mathematics); B. S. K. Lam (Engineering); I. L. McNeill (Modern Languages).
Bishop Green Cups: I. L. McNeill (Modern Languages); M-G. Dracos (Law).
Parker/Eastbridge Exhibitions: L. Butler (Natural Sciences); D. Corbett (Natural Sciences).
Spencer Exhibitions: Louise Cooper (Music); R. D. Baldock (Engineering); E. L. Weavers (Natural Sciences).
Scholarships and Prizes for first class results:
First Year: V. A. Bonavia (Archaeology); P. N. Chetwynd (Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic); T. W. F. Foley (Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic); A. Joannides (Medicine); M. P. Kaye (Computer Science); A. T. R. Laurie (Natural Sciences); E. L. Lawrence (Social and Political Sciences); L. Butler (Natural Sciences); J. H. M. Lo (Natural Sciences); A. Papa (Engineering); I. Samad (Engineering); T. J. Wintle (Natural Sciences).
Second Year: R. D. Baldock (Engineering); T. A. Day (Mathematics); K. J. Alexander (M.D.Vet.); C. J. Lawrence (M.D.Vet.); T. W. Simpson (Philosophy); T. L. Jensen (Social and Political Sciences).
Third Year: A. C. Carty (English); J. F. Chng (Economics); D. Corbett (Natural Sciences); E. J. W. Crossland, (Natural Sciences); S. R. Crouch (Medicine); A. M. J. Dickens (Engineering); M-G. Dracos (Law); S. J. Green (Natural Sciences); P. M. Guttridge (Engineering); E. O. H. Ives (Natural Sciences); J. P. James (Mathematics); R. I. McKinley (Mathematics); T. G. Perrin (English); I. P. Shadforth (Natural Sciences).
Fourth Year: B. S. K. Lam (Engineering); I. M. McNeill (Modern Languages); A. C. Renouf (Natural Sciences); T. Schioler (Engineering); E. J. Threlfall (Natural Sciences); G. R. Wilmott (Natural Sciences).
Intermediate Exhibitions: A. M. K. Cunnold (Natural Sciences); S. C. Hill (History); N. Kantas (Engineering); K. Koenigshausen (Natural Sciences); E. J. K. Lake (English); M. A. Pattenden (History); L. B. Tat (Mathematics); J. A. Townsend (Natural Sciences); E. L. Weavers (Natural Sciences).
Corpus-Taylor Prizes:
Final-year undergraduates: V. E. Head (Archaeology); L. H. Hunter (History); R. L. Newsome (Computer Science); J. Wright (Music).
Second-year undergraduates: M. J. Bradshaw (History); J. A. Chapman (Medicine); Louise Cooper (Music); H. Glaisher-Hernandez (Modern Languages); M. R. Greensmith, (Medicine); J. P. Montague (Medicine); F. L. Reid (History); A. C. T. Slade (Mathematics); P. M. Weston (Law).
The Jaggard Tankard (Medicine): S. Crouch
The Moule Prize (Classics): T. E. W. Noad and H. A. Patel
The Fanshawe Prize (Classics): T. E. W. Noad and Laura Cooper
The David Maull (Engineering): P. M. Guttridge
Simmons and Simmons Prize (Law): P. M. Weston
Hewitt Exhibition: V. E. V. Head (Archaeology); P. C. Johnson (Geography); M. Y. Kumaratunga (Medicine); N. D. Nichols (Natural Sciences); J. Wright (Music).
Craythorne and Beaumont Scholarships: F. E. McCabe (History); E. L. Weavers (Natural Sciences); A. T. R. Laurie (Natural Sciences).
Langdon-Dowsett Bursary: P. M. Guttridge (Engineering)
Frank Lee Reading Prize: C. L. Nankivell (History)

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 August 2001
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