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New Hall

The following elections and awards have been made:

Elected to a Graduate Scholarship for one year:

Tania Demetriou (Burney); Nayia Petousi (Furneaux); Lisa Sharkey (Furneaux); Siao-Teng Yap (Walford); Elizabeth Stanway (Walford).

Elected to the title of Scholar:

Nicola Adderley (Boulind); Katy Baker (Boulind); Zoe Birtle (Burney); Emma Buckley (Hart); Kate Cook (Burney); Clare Devlin (Burney); Alice Dutton (Burney); Amy Edmunds (Walford); Philippa Griffin (Furneaux); Anna Hemsley (Furneaux); Helene Oakley (Furneaux); Helen Richards (Furneaux); Fiona Salisbury (Furneaux); Birke-Siri Scherf (Furneaux); Kerry Stares (Boulind); Helen Wales (Furneaux); Charlotte Walker (Walford); Mary Wills (Furneaux).

Elected to a Scholarship for one year:

Laura Burnett (Fulford); Alison Cole (Fulford); Louise Cooper (Burney); Sarah Cooper (Fulford); Natalja Deng (Fulford); Emily Ferenczi (Fulford); Caroline Francis (Laurie Hart); Joanna George (Furneaux); Margaret Gilfillan (Fulford); Heather Hewett (Fulford); Helen Holmes (Fulford); Jade Ho (Fulford); Pamela Learmonth (Fulford); Polly Mackenzie (Fulford); Caroline McIntee (Fulford); Jia Meng (Fulford); Elizabeth Norton (Fulford); Anna Petherick (Fulford); Lucy Pogson (Fulford); Thimali Rajapaksa (Fulford); Anna Ritchie (Fulford); Victoria Sherman (Fulford); Prerna Singh (Fulford); Anusha Surendra (Fulford); Helen Walker (Fulford).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 August 2001
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