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Election of student members of the Council: Notice

The Vice-Chancellor announces that the following candidates have been nominated in accordance with Statute A, IV, 2 for election to the Council in class (d) (student members), and it has been certified to him that each candidate has consented to be nominated in the category shown:

Category (i) - All eligible students (2 places)

Candidate Nominated by  
Pav AKHTAR, HO T. Jones, EM F. Booth, F
  J. Gilberthorpe, G S. Clackson, N
  S. Bari, K M. Lobel, PEM
  P. Stott, Q J. Plant, R
Michael J. B. BOURKE, CHR N. Sethi, K S. Waite, CHR
  C. Yiu, CHR R. Spurr, JN
  F.-J. Sim, CHR C. Griffiths, SE
  R. Cohen, CHR G. Ronalds, CHR
Alexander R. S. FALUDY, PET L. Stockbridge, PET E. Prochaska, JN
  T. Hallam, CL S. E. James, K
  H. Walsh, CAI C. Montgomery, Q
  B.-S. Scherf, NH S. Godwin M
Matt HOOD, M L. Johnson, LC C. Tee, SID
  D. Griffith-Jones, PEM G. Jones, M
  C. Wilkie, CHR R. Nkulikiyinka, PET
  A. Sandford, NH H. Evans, JN
Isabel HUDSON, K A. Taylor, K D. Shariatmadari, K
  R. Ellis, K W. Rubens, K
  V. Horie, K J. Beard, K
  D. Swallow, K R. Butler, K
Christian A. KRAMER, CL W. Crumbie, CL A. Tattershall, CL
  R. Drewienkiewicz, EM S. Bailey, CTH
  J. S. Bichard, JN J.-P. Marks, CL
  C. Gibbons, CL Z. Wallis, CL
Joshua J. B. REDDAWAY, K T. Licence, M C. Hildebrand, Q
  M. Minio-Paluello, EM A. Smith, JN
  G. Danezis, Q D. Babbs, CHR
  A. Conway, CHU E. Stott, DOW

Voting in category (i) will take place in Colleges on Wednesday, 7 March 2001. The hours of voting in each College will be determined by College Returning Officers, but the polls must be open for at least four hours within the period 8.30 a.m. and 7 p.m., including the hours 12.30-1.30 p.m. and 6-7 p.m.


Category (ii) - All eligible graduate students (1 place)

Candidate Nominated by  
Zoe NORGATE, JE J. Reece, JE Y. Kennish, JE
  N. Bavidge, JE V. Scahill, JE
  D. Sandebrook, JE S. Mulligan, JE
  C. Hodge, JE H. Thompson, JE

Only one nomination was received in category (ii). Therefore, this candidate is elected.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 28 February 2001
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