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Lecture-list, 2000-01: Corrections and addition

Faculty of English

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic Tripos, Part II

(Paper 6) Advanced medieval Scandinavian (p. 28)

Dr J. Quinn

East and West Norse philology. Th. 11 (not Th. 12), Room 1.16, Faculty of Classics. Lent Term

Faculty of History

Historical Tripos, Part I

(Paper 10) British economic and social history, 1700-1914 (p. 98)

Dr L. Klein

Society and culture in Britain, 1700-1850. F. 12 (eight lectures). Lent Term

(replaces Problematics on eighteenth-century culture, cultural norms, arenas, and forums. Tu. 9, F. 12)

(Paper 15) European history, 1200-1520 (p. 100)

Professor P. Spufford

France and Burgundy, F.12 (Lent Term) is cancelled.

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