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Education Tripos, Part I, 2001: Notice

The General Board give notice that, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Education, they have agreed to permit Miss E-C. Lee and Miss D. Harrison, of Homerton College, to offer for the papers in the subject Natural Sciences the following combination of papers:

(1) Paper 2, Humans in biological perspective, from Part I of the Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos, together with a dissertation on a subject in Bioethics.
(2) Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the papers in History and Philosophy of Science from Part IB of the Natural Sciences Tripos.

These two candidates have received incorrect advice about the examination requirements and have been preparing for the combination of papers shown, although these do not conform to the requirements set out in the Schedule of subjects and papers for Section I of Part I of the Education Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 270). The General Board have received pleas of incuria from the candidates' Tutor.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 17 January 2001
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